Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for Technology Companies

Focus on building your dream. We’ll do the books.

Innovation is at the heart of every technology company. Executing your roadmap, meeting customer demands, outpacing competitors – you have better things to do than accounting. We can help.

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Accounting and Bookkeeping services for Technology

With pressure to innovate and grow fast, tech is an industry like no other

The competing priorities that you face as a technology leader are not for the faint of heart. Whether you're bootstrapped, looking for investment, or planning an exit, confidence in and visibility into your current and forecasted financial position is critical. You need a self-managing, proactive accounting function that is there to help you scale up and move through your journey.
Reliable financial statements

Revenue recognition, expense monitoring, and investor and covenant reports delivered with accuracy and clarity.

Informed decision making
SRED & grant tracking

Ensure your chart of accounts is set up to capture expenses in the right places in order to maximize incentives available to you.

Collect money
Cash flow visibility

Knowing how much money is in the bank against what you owe and what you're bringing in, so you know your runway.

one stop shop
Ready for Funding

Whether you're looking for a loan or looking for investors, the first step is well kept books and current financial statements.

Dan Pichette, VP of Business Development, Output Co.  Photo
We’re now better prepared for discussions with investors and VCs because we have a clear picture of forecasts, burn rate, customer acquisition cost, true cost of services, and business runway. It’s visibility we just didn’t have before. ”
-   Dan Pichette, VP of Business Development, Output Co.

From startup to exit, we deliver accounting for tech companies in all sectors and stages

Software as a service (SaaS)

As sales accelerate, having a carefully managed system in place to recognize revenue and collect cash is critical. Keep the books up to date, set up for SRED, and statements ready for a raise when the time is right.

Video Game Developers

As you look for new ways to monetize your business and prepare for investment, assessing profits, monitoring cash flow, and projecting growth should be at the forefront of your priorities. With reliable monthly financials, gain the visibility you need.

Tech Consulting

Revenue recognition, accurate invoicing – for hours and expenses – and a diligent accounts receivable process are paramount for professional services firms. By understanding labour costs and profitability on projects, delivery leaders can adjust course as needed.

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Accurate, reliable accounting services so you can focus on growth

Tech accounting expertise
Tech accounting expertise

From setting up your chart of accounts, supporting your SRED consultants, and helping you navigate your financial statement audit, our team of experienced accountants have the technical skills and industry know-how to solve your accounting problems.

Supporting your evolving needs

When’s the right time to make that infrastructure investment or next hire? With financials you can rely on, confidently assess your next investment decision.

Bookkeeping for technology companies
The best accounting tools for tech

Leverage the right tech stack to enable workflows and processes to run your accounting as efficiently as the rest of your business. Tightly integrated, your financial data will flow seamlessly between cloud-based apps, reducing manual processes and oversight.

The skills mix you need

Avoid having to hire a bookkeeper, payroll professional, or AP clerk. A single fee for the top-notch talent you need to fill your accounting gaps that you don’t have to recruit and retain.

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