Bookkeeping & Accounting Services for Gyms & Fitness Studios

You worry about membership and staffing. We'll manage the bookkeeping and payroll.

Gym and fitness studio owners have a lot to manage on any given day. From membership growth and equipment maintenance and acquisition, to staffing and scheduling, every day is a busy day. We can help.

Why Enkel

Bookkeeping for Gyms and Fitness Studios

Could your fitness business use accurate, up-to-date bookkeeping?

Odds are you got into the fitness business to help people live healthier lives, and not to master the art of bookkeeping and cash flow management. But without back office best practices, you could find yourself between a rock and a hard place when its time to purchase and maintain equipment, or weather the storm of the low season.

Fitness businesses have to deal with everything from deferred revenue tracking and complex payroll, to inventory management and equipment depreciation, to name a few. Enkel is your go-to partner for bookkeeping, payroll, and other business critical accounting functions.
tax ready financials
Accurate Financial Statements

From seasonal surges to large capital outlays, Fitness business finances can often feel like a roller coaster ride. Monthly updates on your balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flow can provide you visibility into your business performance, asset management, and more.

Revenue recognition
Revenue Tracking

Fitness businesses need memberships to survive, but with members comes recurring revenue, automated billing, and quite often a need to track and manage deferred revenue. Layer on product sales and the sale of additional services and revenue tracking can get messy. We can help you track revenue from various channels and manage your deferred revenue for accuracy.

Multi-location bookkeeping services – consolidated payroll processing
Payroll Management

It is rare for a fitness business to have simple, straightforward payroll management. Most organizations have a mix of full-time, contract, and seasonal staff, and a combination of salaried, hourly, and even commissioned emplyees. Hours spent dealing with timesheets, ensuring compliance, and running payroll is time you can never get back.

Accounting for software services
Accounting Skills and Software

The cost of a bookkeeper, payroll professional, and accounts payable and/or receivables clerk, along with all of the software required to manage the back office functions not only take a bite out of profits, but can be difficult to find and harder to manage. Outsourcing these functions let's you focus on what really matters.

Dan Pichette, VP of Business Development, Output Co.  Photo
Working with Enkel is just easy. I’ve used internal and external bookkeepers in my career so have seen it done both ways. The way Enkel works is ideal. The checklists and google sheets are totally automated, receipt bank works really well, the systems they use are straightforward, and everything is just simple. Last month took me 10 minutes instead of 10 hours.”
-   Dan Pichette, VP of Business Development, Output Co.
Fitness accounting tech

Best-in-class cloud-based technology that drives Fitness business efficiencies

We work with cloud-based applications specializing in payroll, time tracking, merchant processing, expense management, and more. We don’t take shortcuts with security, and your data always belongs to you.

Every industry has specific tools and requirements, and Fitness is no different. We work with the technology you use every day.

Are you ready to offload your accounting and bookkeeping?

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