Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services

Imagine a Bookkeeping Service That Helps Your Business Grow
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Running your business is stressful enough without the hassle of number crunching and data entry. Let Enkel keep your books up to date with easy outsourced bookkeeping.

We’ll provide financial data that allows you to make smarter business decisions for growth. Plus, your accountant will have access to clear, accurate financial statements that make tax season and year end faster and easier, saving you time and money. Our work flow is simple and hassle free. Using the best in cloud-based bookkeeping technology, we provide organized invoices and receipts, accessible from wherever you are. Looking for catchup bookkeeping? Let our experts help you bring your books back up to date, allowing you to focus on your future. Goodbye, paperwork. Hello, clean desk.

Our Bookkeeping Process

send us your bookkeeping documents
Send us your invoices and receipts. That’s all we need from you—leave the rest up to us.
reconcile bank statements
Your bank statements are downloaded automatically and securely from your bank. We’ll reconcile your account transactions with your statements, storing your invoices and receipts in the cloud.
bookkeeping reports
Within a few days of month end, we will follow up with you on outstanding transactions from the prior month. If there are unsupported transactions, we will ask you to explain these and provide support.
bookkeeping analysis
Finally, we provide you with financial insights on your business within 10 days of month end. It’s our vision to provide our clients with meaningful insights that allow you to make smarter business decisions.

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