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Take the pain
out of payroll

No matter how many employees you have, payroll is a painful process. Not only is it time-consuming, frustrating and detail-oriented, but the risk of making mistakes and paying penalties is high. We can help.

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Accurate, on-time, hassle-free payroll processing

Hours spent dealing with timesheets, ensuring regulatory compliance, and running payroll is time you can never get back. Payroll management is a non-revenue generating process that consumes invaluable energy from business operators.

At Enkel, we find the best payroll system for your business and automate your payroll process to make every payday a piece of cake. Our experienced payroll team provides your organization with an end-to-end payroll solution, so you can stay focused on what matters most.

Experienced payroll practitioners

Finding qualified payroll practitioners can be a challenge, especially when you only really need them a few times a month. We have a team of trained payroll compliance practitioners ready to take payroll off your hands.

Compliance management

From government agencies to union collective agreements, avoiding penalties can be tricky. We ensure remittances are made accurately, on time, and in compliance with all stakeholder requirements.

New hires and terminations

Struggling to manage employee onboarding, departures and terminations? Our team can take care of all Record of Employment needs and make sure new employees are properly set up in your payroll system. We never miss a beat.

T4 preparation and delivery

Have you struggled to meet T4 deadlines in the past? Even suffered fines for being late? We manage year-end T4 preparation and ensure they are delivered on a timely basis to all your employees.

Time savings

Managing payroll in-house requires a lot of time and attention to detail. That demand on your time increases as your staff grows. Every pay period gets more complex with the checks and balances required to make sure no errors are made. We’ve got this.

The best reason to outsource your payroll to Enkel is peace of mind. You can count on us to pay your employees accurately, and on time. Don’t worry about payroll tax filings because we're on top of it.
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How our payroll process works

Employees record payroll data in time tracking software
We input payroll data into Payroll software
You approve payroll
We process payroll
Employees are paid and we issue pay stubs
We prepare and file ROE’s (as required) and T4’s
Susan Gibbons, Controller, OXD Consulting and ThoughtFarmer Inc. Photo
In early 2019, Enkel took over our payroll function after our payroll manager left unexpectedly. I was initially very skeptical about outsourcing any accounting function – especially one as critical as payroll. We have a lot of manual processes that I felt would be difficult for Enkel to try and maintain given the fact that they are external to our business. However, Enkel came in and designed an easy-to-use system that matches our business processes, allowing for a smooth bi-weekly payroll workflow and cadence. Now I am able to access all of our important payroll information from anywhere. With Enkel handling our payroll, I was able to go to Disneyland with my family and not worry about people getting paid on time!”
-   Susan Gibbons, Controller, OXD Consulting and ThoughtFarmer Inc.

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