Payroll Services

Payroll Services

We take the pain out of payroll

Our payroll process

Payroll calculator

Collect information

Whether you’re tracking payroll details manually or using a payroll tracking system, we collect your information and run the calculations.

payroll management

Payroll execution

After we complete the calculations, we send you the final payroll cost for approval.

payroll approval process

Approval and payment

Once approved, your employees are paid via direct deposit and are sent a digital copy of their pay stub.

year-end payroll services

Year-end support

Come tax season, we make sure your employees receive their T4’s—without you having to ask.

payroll services
Payroll processing is a non-revenue generating process that eats up time and energy for business owners. Make sure employees are paid accurately and on time, without all the hassle.

Are you new to payroll processing, or know that your current system could use an upgrade? Struggling to manage employee departures and terminations? Dreading the year-end frenzy of preparing T4’s? Or just all around frustrated with the time it takes to do payroll properly? At Enkel, we help you find the best payroll system for your business, quickly and accurately provide departing team members with Records-of-Employment, deliver timely T4’s at year-end, and overall take the pain out of your payroll process.

Are you ready to take the pain out of your payroll process?

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