About Us

After years of experience working in the accounting and technology spheres, we saw an opportunity to provide bookkeeping solutions to Canadian small to midsize businesses and entrepreneurs with a higher level of service. It’s our vision to provide our clients with bookkeeping support, insight and data that allows them to make smarter business decisions. Regardless of industry, location and size, one thing all entrepreneurs have in common is the shared vision for finding a better way to do things. It’s what motivates us to start our own businesses. And it’s why we started Enkel: to provide small to midsize businesses and fellow entrepreneurs with a better system for managing their bookkeeping, cash flow and financial data. It’s something we instill in all of our employees, and it’s what continues to drive us forward.
Our Team
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Our Values

Keeping it Simple

Enkel was created with the vision of creating a simpler way for small to midsize businesses to manage their bookkeeping. Focus on what you love to do—we’ll handle the numbers.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Like you, we’re entrepreneurs — and we carry that spirit with us in everything we do. That’s why our team is always looking for new opportunities to learn, improve, and grow your business.

Accuracy in Everything

Financial accuracy is paramount to providing excellent customer service. We take pride in the trust our clients put in us, and in turn provide timely, accurate financial reports and data that spark meaningful growth.

Continuous Improvement

Whether it’s helping our clients learn how to improve and grow their business or focusing on how we can become better bookkeepers, we believe in always looking for a better way. It’s our promise to you and our team.

Our Locations

Our HQ is located in beautiful Vancouver, BC. The west coast is a spectacular melting pot of cultures, cuisines and companies—that’s why we’re proud to call it home. We also have an office in Edmonton, AB, which supports Alberta based businesses operating in a variety of industries. Our growing satellite office in Noida, India provides us with international support, expertise and experience. Our cloud-based, digital work environment makes it easier than ever for our teams to connect and collaborate on our shared mission to make our clients’ experience better.

Our Culture

When we started Enkel, we knew we wanted to provide small to midsize business owners with a higher level of bookkeeping service than was available in the market. We’re committed to providing service excellence, and we hire our team members for their commitment to that promise. We believe in providing a collaborative, flexible working environment where our team members are encouraged to take on new tasks, learn new skills, and never stop growing. It’s our healthy mix of professionalism and start-up spirit that makes us a fun, supportive place to work. Seeking the ideal work-life integration in the world of bookkeeping? If you’re ready to join a team of creative problem solvers that will challenge you to grow, let’s talk.
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