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Over and over, we’d hear from small to mid-sized business owners that they wish they had a better grasp of their company’s financials to make more informed decisions. They deserved a better accounting solution and we set out to create it.

In 2016, Enkel was launched with a simple premise:
You can’t build a great business without good books.

While at KPMG, my client Pankaj was struggling to find a good bookkeeping solution for his thriving software services company. The more we talked, the more clear it became:
We would build this ourselves.

From the beginning, we knew Enkel had to be client-centric, 100% cloud-based, and focused on quality. These were three simple needs that we saw that were not being addressed in the market. 

Pankaj and I weren’t looking to create the same old bookkeeping shop you’ll find around town. We were looking to disrupt the current traditional approach and took a page from tech to land on accounting as a service.

To deliver speed, efficiency, and scale, we would leverage cloud technology and a global delivery model. We leaned on Pankaj’s experience building teams in India to open our accounting office near New Delhi in Noida. With our head office in Vancouver, we can take advantage of around-the-clock staff to keep up with our clients’ needs. 

Like all entrepreneurs, we’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons along our journey. We wouldn’t be where we are without our talented team, and of course, our incredible clients.”

– Omar Visram, CEO & Co-founder

Accounting as a service

Our approach looks for opportunities to automate and streamline workflows, creating time savings and efficiencies for our clients. Using a special mix of people, process, and technology, we craft a custom solution to best fit their needs. It’s all a part of what we aim to deliver at Enkel.

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Omar Visram

CEO & Co-founder

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Pankaj Agarwal

Co-founder & Executive Chair

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