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Move your mission forward with a reliable bookkeeping partner to track funds & expenses accurately. Enkel supports nonprofits, not-for-profits & charities across Canada.

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Accurate, reliable bookkeeping services for nonprofit organizations

Managing your nonprofit’s bookkeeping can be challenging & exhausting. However, accurate, reliable bookkeeping is crucial to the long term success of every nonprofit organization. Good financial reporting allows you to make data-driven programming decisions while providing your board with the insights needed to guide the organization’s strategy.

At Enkel, we work with over 100 nonprofits and charities, and know the unique challenges that nonprofit organizations in Canada face. Let us handle your bookkeeping, while you focus on delivering on your mission.

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Fund Accounting Experts

Tracking revenue and expenses for each fund is a clear way to stay accountable. Our team of experienced nonprofit accountants and bookkeepers will provide visibility on your fund balances and monthly updates on your balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. We’ll also support your CPA with year-end audits and your T3010 Registered Charity Information Return.

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Extensive Oversight

Accountability is key and you should engage in conversations about performance, instead of wasting time questioning data. Make every dollar count towards your programs with timely actual vs budget reports. We’ll equip you with accurate, reliable financial reports that you can confidently share with your board members to make better decisions for your organization.

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Reporting to Funders

Increased transparency will only strengthen your organization’s relationship with funders in the long run. We’ll help you generate custom financial reports for individual funders so that every cent your organization has received is accounted for and spent in accordance with the funder’s wishes.

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Sustainable Technology & Processes

Turnover is inevitable. However, our consistent bookkeeping process is proven to withstand resource changes. We leverage the right tech stack to enable workflows to future-proof your bookkeeping. And you get the skills mix you need – bookkeeping, payroll and controllership – in a single fee for top-notch talent that you don’t have to recruit and retain.

Trusted by nonprofits across Canada

Nonprofits aren’t one-size-fits all. We work with a variety including membership based organizations, charitable foundations, mission-driven organizations, religious organizations, and housing cooperatives.

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Stress-free bookkeeping from $949 per month.

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