Accounts Receivable Services for Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations in Canada

Accelerate your cash collection rate to keep the cash flowing

Good accounts receivables processes boost profits by reducing bad debt, and lead to better cash flow and higher available liquidity. We can help.

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Don’t let a late payment turn into a non-payment

Invoicing your customers should mean money in the bank, not revenue written off. The longer it takes to collect money on accounts receivable, the less likely a business will ever collect that debt. This problem grows worse with time. Timely accounts receivable management keeps your cash flow healthy and predictable. We have the know-how to get it done.

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Customer follow-up

We have the people, processes, and best practices to monitor receivables, nudge customers when they need it, and improve collections overall.

Time savings

Inputting and issuing invoices and receipts, chasing customers for payment, along with tracking, logging, and updating AR listings is time consuming. We’ll prioritize it and get it done.

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Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO)

We ensure invoices are going to the right person for approval and then follow up with the right person for payment. With our proven process, we can collect your money faster and reduce your number of delinquent customers.

Improve accounts receivable turnover

If you’re looking for funding, it’s crucial to have your accounts receivable turnover ratio be as high as possible. When money is collected on time, you’re in a stronger position with investors and banks.

Our accounts receivable services include:

  • An experienced AR team
  • Proven process for full ownership of receivables
  • Invoice issuance
  • Updated AR listings
  • Payment collection and follow-up
  • Vendor/purchaser reconciliations

Our Approach

Our Approach Icons

Stay on top of your invoicing and collections – we'll take care of it.

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Blog Resource

Seven Tips to Improve Your Accounts Receivable Turnover

Staying on top of your accounts receivable is important for every business, given the impact it can have on your cash flow. Follow our seven tips to improve your accounts receivable turnover.

1) Invoice accurately, on time, and often, 2) Include payment terms, 3) Shorten payment terms , 4) Provide discounts for early payment, 5) Make paying invoices easy, 6) Simplify your billing structure, 7) Use cloud-based software.

Learn to Improve Accounts Receivable Turnover

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It depends. A few factors impact pricing, such as volume of transactions and frequency in which you need your statements updated. Please reach out to get a custom quote.

Yes, you can purchase AR on its own or packaged with other services.

We’re not a collections agency. Our process for collecting payment is to reach out multiple times through different channels. In rare cases when this approach is unsuccessful, it’s up to you to decide if legal or further action is required.

We have a proven process for accounts receivable. The first thing we do is ensure we have the correct contacts and understand the approval process for issuing payment. This ensures the invoice reaches the right person, and that it gets approved and paid within a timely manner. When payments are late, we take a multi-channel approach to reaching out to the necessary individuals to understand the reason for the delay and prevent the invoice from falling through the cracks.

Ideally you’re getting paid within the time you have agreed upon with your customer as stated in the terms on your invoice. The longer it takes to collect payment, the less likely it is to receive that payment. This can have longer term effects including a lower AR turnover ratio which could affect your ability to borrow.

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Andriy Butskiy, Financial Controller, MonkeySoft Solutions, Inc, an ezCater™ Company Photo
Within 6 months of working with Enkel, days sales outstanding [DSO] dropped from 41 to 27 days! We save 40 hours per month on invoicing and collections and we rarely have delinquent customers anymore.”
-   Andriy Butskiy, Financial Controller, MonkeySoft Solutions, Inc, an ezCater™ Company