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Keep the cash flowing

Over half of all bankruptcies can be attributed to poor receivables management. Good accounts receivables processes boost profits by reducing bad debt, leading to better cash flow and higher available liquidity. We’re on it.

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Timely accounts receivable management

Late payment often turns into nonpayment. The longer it takes for a business to collect money on accounts receivable, the less likely the business is to ever collect that debt. And when you write off bad debt, your bottom line takes a hit. Outsourcing your AR process to Enkel gives you an experienced accounting team with proven processes and methodologies for managing receivables. Whether its pushing customers to pay you faster or discovering bad debt in time to take legal action, we stay on top of accounts receivable and let you get back to what you love.

Experienced AR practitioners

Finding experienced accounting professionals can be tough, especially when you only need them part-time. Our team of trained accountants can quickly and easily manage your accounts receivables process for you.

Reporting and cash flow visibility

With an up-to-date, well-run accounts receivable process, you’ll have timely, accurate visibility into the company’s overall performance and financial position. No more surprises.

Updated AR listings

Tracking, logging, and maintaining AR listings is time you’ll never get back. Not only do you have to input invoices and receipts into your accounting system, but digital invoices need to go out on a timely basis. We’re on it.

Customer follow-up

You need to chase new business, not delinquent accounts. We have the tools, processes, and best practices to monitor receivables, gently nudge customers when they need it, and improve overall collections.

Time savings

Overseeing accounts receivable processes and chasing customers for payment is time-consuming but critical. As your business grows, the problem grows with it. Let us do the chasing while you grow the business.

Customers will always pay different ways on different days - some early, some late, and some not at all. You’ve got better things to do than chase clients all day. But we don’t.
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How our AR process works

You submit sales data for invoicing
We generate invoices and review for accuracy
You send invoices to customers for payment
We generate an up-to-date AR listing
We follow up on outstanding invoices
We send you an up-to-date AR listing with notes about overdue invoices

Curious about our accounting and bookkeeping services?

You’ve probably got a lot of questions, and we’re ready and waiting with answers. Let’s have a quick chat about how Enkel can help with your back office functions.
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Andriy Butskiy, Financial Controller, MonkeySoft Solutions, Inc, an ezCater™ Company Photo
I wish we would have moved things to Enkel sooner. Not only do we save a lot of time and money, but we don’t have the HR burden that comes with hiring staff, and have better customer engagements relating to billing and receivables. And Enkel is super easy to work with.”
-   Andriy Butskiy, Financial Controller, MonkeySoft Solutions, Inc, an ezCater™ Company

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