Bookkeeping & Payroll Services for Gaming Companies

Your passion is gaming. Ours is bookkeeping.

Keeping competitors at bay, gamers engaged, and development ongoing is more than enough to keep your plate full. Unburden your back office to us. We can help.

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Invest time in growing your business and attracting new gamers, not on your books

As competition in the gaming industry grows fierce, the pressure to find new ways to monetize mounts up. Investments in your business shouldn’t take a back seat because your financials aren’t ready to go. With a proactive, self-managing accounting function, rest assured your books will be taken care of so you can focus where it matters most.

Reporting to owners
Revenue recognition

Accurately track all of your revenue sources, including one-time or subscription fees, in-game purchases, advertising revenue, downloadable content, licensing agreements and more.

monthly fee
Profit margins

With increasing costs in marketing to combat competitors or cybersecurity to combat attacks, your bottom line is under pressure. Monthly financial statements allow you to keep a close eye on company performance and profitability.

Expense report processes
R&D Tax Credits

With SR&ED and provincial credits, ensure your development costs and payroll are tracked properly to maximize your tax returns. A well-organized chart of accounts will make applications a breeze.

Multi location bookkeeping services – Designed to scale
Funding and Investments

When you’re looking to fund your growth through investment or M&A activity, a clean set of books will give you the visibility you need to run the analysis you need like ARPU, ROI, and growth projections.

Working with all types of video gaming companies across Canada

Mobile gaming
Mobile Gaming
Cloud gaming
Cloud Gaming
PC gaming
PC Gaming
Console gaming
Console and VR/AR Gaming
Dan Pichette, VP of Business Development, Output Co.  Photo
We’re now better prepared for discussions with investors and VCs because we have a clear picture of forecasts, burn rate, customer acquisition cost, true cost of services, and business runway. It’s visibility we just didn’t have before. ”
-   Dan Pichette, VP of Business Development, Output Co.

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