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A managed accounting department built for you

Whether you are a growing startup just having raised capital, a not-for-profit organization on a mission to increase impact, or a seasoned entrepreneur running your dream business, we know that you need your accounting done right, and on time.

Today, you may have a contractor or someone on staff supporting your bookkeeping, payables, accounts receivable and payroll. It could be that your financial statements are frequently late or don’t come at all. Vendors are paid late. You worry about what will happen if the person holding all of this together gets sick or suddenly retires. You see that your accounting needs improvement. This is where we come in.

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Bookkeeping and accounting for architecture firms

Accounting for what your business really needs

You need regular and timely financial statements to understand how you are doing and what can be better. You want to feel confident in the financial health of your organization and have expert guidance in making strategic decisions. You also want your accounting to feel scalable and tech-driven rather than inefficient, paper-based and in silos.

The Enkel team will become your team

Leverage our bench of 80 professionals to provide the bookkeeping, AP, AR, payroll and advisory guidance your organization needs. With our chosen suite of industry-leading technology, we will manage your organization’s financial operations in a streamlined and efficient way.

Work with us to streamline your accounting and remove internal dependancies. With accurate and reliable financial statements, our financial leaders will provide the advisory guidance that will allow you to make the best decisions for your business.

Your Enkel Controller will be responsible for keeping the transactions in order, only involving you when there is a lack of context.

You can leverage your Enkel CFO to help you drive the business forward by looking at margins by product or service, forecasting, reporting to lenders, and helping you make better data-driven decisions.

How we do what we do

With hundreds of Canadian clients just like you and decades of experience, we know what it takes to manage financial operations effectively.

We will dive into your current accounting operations and get you set up on our suite of best-in-class tools. After getting to know your business in a deep way, we will implement our accounting processes with your context in mind. We ensuring that the team assigned to your file is clear on the process and understands your business needs.

The Enkel client experience

We will keep your financial transactions in order and ensure that your vendors and staff get paid on time. Your Enkel Controller will monitor your payables and receivables, following up on late payments and ensuring that bills are paid on time. They will also support the bookkeeping team with the context that may be needed for accurate coding. All financial reports will be reviewed and finalized by your Controller so you will always have information you can trust.

Your Enkel CFO will make sure that help you drive the business forward, leveraging the reporting and helping you achieve your financial objectives. Evaluating options for excess cash or helping you navigate a cash crunch, your CFO will be your most important financial partner. Here’s the best part: you will be free to build your organization, knowing that your financial operations are humming along in the background.

Getting started with us

There’s a learning curve to getting set up on new tools and we understand that change can be hard. We have a dedicated team of onboarding specialists who will help to ensure that the implementation happens without impact to your business. Regular training and support are always just quick call away.

For our complete suite of services, including full oversight from a Controller and CFO support, fees start at $5,000 a month. Of course, you can also buy our services a-la-carte. Learn more about our individual services here. For more information on pricing, please visit our pricing page.

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