Bookkeeping Tips For Growing A Scalable Business [eBook]

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Bookkeeping Tips For Growing A Scalable Business [eBook]

Managing a small business can mean long hours, wearing too many hats and juggling many conflicting objectives and tasks. It’s a labour of love, but not one without headaches! Starting a business requires a kind of passion, dedication and fearlessness that many people just don’t have. How do we know? We’re entrepreneurs ourselves — and we work with many entrepreneurs every day to make their businesses better.

As a result, you could say we’ve learned a lot. We’ve seen success and failure, and pretty much everything in between. Only half of all small businesses grow to see their fifth year, and unfortunately, there is no magic formula for success in entrepreneurship. There are, however, strategic moves that you can make to help ensure the success of your investment.

We’ve analyzed what works for our most successful clients and what mistakes they’ve made along the way to create this primer for entrepreneurs. Our bookkeeping tips will help you improve efficiency and save time and money, allowing your business to flourish. We’re excited to share them with you.


Omar Visram and the Enkel Team

Gracia Chua
About Gracia Chua
Gracia Chua is the Marketing Lead at Enkel Backoffice Solutions, a Vancouver based accounting firm that provides day-to-day bookkeeping services for small to medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations.