Enkel’s 2023 Year in Review

Omar Visram
Enkel’s 2023 Year in Review
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2023: A Reflection

As we prepare to say goodbye to the year that was 2023, the team here at Enkel is feeling a bit wistful and introspective. Considering our 2023 year in review, we made a lot of fantastic progress and we’re very proud of what our teams were able to achieve, both for our clients and for our own internal initiatives. This year we took advantage of much-needed travel and connection opportunities that were sorely missed during the height of the pandemic. Another major focus was expanding our partnership program, finding innovative ways to develop and grow mutually beneficial industry relationships. As we look ahead to the new year (one that definitely comes with an undercurrent of uncertainty), we feel optimistic that we can continue to deliver excellent service to our clients and partners. Join us as we reminisce on what we achieved in 2023 and look ahead to great things in 2024!

Expansion of our partnership program

A big part of our focus this year was investing in the Enkel partnership program. In fact, we onboarded a dedicated partnerships manager in an effort to further commit to expanding this function at our company. (Allow us to introduce Jacob Fox!) CPA firms present an ideal partnership opportunity for a large number of reasons, which we shared in this blog article back in May. To demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the accounting profession and our partnerships with CPA firms, our CEO, Omar Visram, attended Intuit events in Vancouver, Calgary and Las Vegas this year. Omar appreciated having the opportunity to deepen his industry knowledge and connect with accounting professionals at these important events. Omar and the rest of the team look forward to having more opportunities to connect with accounting professionals in 2024!

Technology focus: Karbon

Our service delivery teams had a strong focus this year on providing the highest possible level of service to our clients, and the industry-leading platform we use to manage all of our work made it possible: Karbon. We use Karbon as our internal tool of choice to monitor client success, ensuring all of our clients are getting what they need when they need it. We believe all business owners and nonprofit leaders deserve the benefit of timely and accurate financial statements to better run their organization. We took an internal initiative to ensure that clients are getting their financial statements in a timely fashion with a program we called backlog zero. As an Enkel client, rest assured that your accounting team has a razor-sharp focus on ensuring that you get clear and accurate monthly financial statements so that you can run a better organization.

Connecting our global team

With international travel more or less back to pre-pandemic levels, our leadership team took advantage of the opportunity to make a number of visits to the Enkel team in Noida, India. It was fantastic to connect in person with our 50+ India-based team members. We held an offsite gathering at a scenic and memorable resort with team building activities and leadership-driven discussions to focus on preparing for the 2024 year. We look forward to the opportunity to continue to strengthen our global team and work together more seamlessly across borders and time zones.

Deepening our ties to the charitable sector

Here at Enkel we have supported charities and associations in Canada since our company was founded in 2016. In 2023 we made a strategic decision to share valuable thought leadership and practical advice to the nonprofit community in Canada as a way to show our commitment to - and investment in - the nonprofit space. In 2023 we presented 4 webinars to the CharityVillage audience, which drew thousands of attendees and saw our expert team field dozens upon dozens of excellent audience questions. We were thrilled with the response to our webinar topics with CharityVillage and look forward to continuing to partner with them in 2024! Check out a recording of our August webinar entitled, “Outsourcing Non-Core Functions: The Pros, Cons and Best Practices to Consider”.

We also found an opportunity to partner with the Ontario Nonprofit Network to share thought leadership content and connect with their community. Check out this blog article on ONN, “Ten reasons why nonprofits should consider outsourcing their bookkeeping”.

Our blog’s top articles in 2023

Speaking of articles, our marketing team produced lots of new website resources this year in the form of blog articles, guides, ebooks, videos and more. Here are our website’s best performing articles this year in terms of numbers of page views:

2024 on the horizon

As 2023 draws to a close, we would like to thank all of our dedicated and highly professional employees for their contributions this year. Additionally, we are grateful to our clients for the commitment they have to our professional partnership and collaboration. As 2024 draws near, we are pleased to share that we are continuing to commit to our company’s focus on technology. We have new team members joining us to drive our technological aspirations forward. We are bringing on new management teams in client support and payroll and will continue our sales and marketing team’s growth and expansion. We are here for the long haul and are committed to our vision of providing technology-enabled accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services at an affordable price.

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