Our Takeaways from QuickBooks Connect 2023

Omar Visram
Our Takeaways from QuickBooks Connect 2023
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Insights from our time in Las Vegas

QuickBooks Connect 2023 kicked off on November 13th, the second year in a row 2,500 accounting and bookkeeping professionals gathered for 3 days of programming in sunny Las Vegas. We sent our highly experienced, talented and friendly CEO, Omar Visram, to connect with our Intuit partners and make some new friends. Omar came back feeling inspired about the exciting new features in the QuickBooks Online ecosystem and what it will mean for supporting our business and nonprofit clients with their financial operations and strategic growth. Read on to hear some of the most important takeaways from this year’s event.

Ecosystem Improvements for QuickBooks Online

Product updates were focused on meeting the evolving needs of complex, growing businesses, with an increasing focus on online sales and inventory management. QuickBooks Online Advanced continues to add functionality and flexibility to meet the needs of businesses as they scale. The product announcements at this year’s event centered around workflow automation, robust reporting tools and deep integrations with third-party applications. New product enhancements in QuickBooks Online Advanced include expanded role-based access controls, custom reports and charts, the fixed asset module and approval workflows to support compliance and organizational policies. 

Innovations for e-commerce 

QuickBooks is adding exciting and much-needed functionality to help product-based businesses reduce manual processes like spreadsheets and pen and paper (gasp!) to manage their inventory. The new e-commerce capabilities are focused on helping businesses manage orders and inventory with more confidence and less work. We are excited for the potential to help our clients use QuickBooks to sync across sales channels, identify growth opportunities and maintain accurate inventory. These are all critical aspects to growing e-commerce businesses. 

What this means for our clients

As a tech-enabled professional services firm, our goal is to provide the best possible accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services to our clients so they can focus on what really matters: growth. A big part of this is working with our clients to reduce manual processes and lean into technology advancements to increase efficiencies. With the powerful reporting and analytics functions in QuickBooks, our clients can gain better visibility into the holistic health of the business. Additionally, as more and more of our clients work in hybrid work environments, having access to key information in the office or on the go is critical. QuickBooks is a powerful tool to help your organization collaborate more effectively and becomes even more so with a specialized team (like ours) handling the books. 


QuickBooks Connect 2023 was an inspiring event focused on harnessing the power of technology to support the growth of small businesses of all kinds. Here at Enkel, we are very excited about the potential of these powerful new tools in QuickBooks and look forward to using them to support our clients with their financial operations. If your business or nonprofit organization needs help leveraging these exciting new features in QuickBooks or with accounting, payroll and bookkeeping in general, please drop us a line. We would love to talk with you!

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