Bookkeeping & Payroll Services for Pharmacies

You focus on helping your customers. We'll do the bookkeeping.

Pharmacists have their hands full managing customer requests, juggling suppliers, and maintaining a high standard of service. Whether you own one retail pharmacy or five, we can help you manage your books.

Why Enkel

Could your pharmacy use better bookkeeping and back office functions?

As the seasons change, customer needs change with them. Consistent, streamlined bookkeeping helps you understand how the business is performing throughout the year, giving you insight into profit margins and staffing costs. Enkel can help.

Multi location bookkeeping services – company wide visibility
Accurate Financial Statements

From seasonal sales to supply chain challenges to staffing ups and downs, pharmacies can be unpredictable businesses to run. Monthly updates on your balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flow can provide you visibility into your business performance, sales tax obligations, and more.

Inventory tracking system
RInventory Planning and Management

Understanding and accurately accounting for inventory is the backbone to running a successful Pharmacy. Making seasonal or holiday inventory purchases requires careful planning and when there isn’t enough cash on hand, up-to-date books get you bank-ready for loan applications.

Blackbird Fabric case study – Payroll
Timely, Accurate Payroll

Happy employees need to be motivated and accurately compensated. But as your pharmacy grows, you have less and less time to do all the different back office functions like payroll. At Enkel, we make sure your employees get paid the right amount at the right time and help you stay compliant with payroll legislation.

Customized processes
Accounting Skills and Software

The cost of a bookkeeper, payroll professional, and accounts payable and/or receivables clerk, along with all of the software required to manage the back office functions not only take a bite out of profits, but can be difficult to find and harder to manage. Outsourcing these functions let's you focus on what really matters.

Vishal Deshmukh, Manager, Good Morning Pharmacy Photo
The entire team of Enkel is very professional. I used their bookkeeping and payroll services for my business since last 1 year and they are very excellent in doing their job. I highly recommend them.”
-   Vishal Deshmukh, Manager, Good Morning Pharmacy
accounting technology for pharmacy

Best-in-class cloud-based technology that drives pharmacy efficiencies

We work with cloud-based applications specializing in payroll, time tracking, merchant processing, expense management, and more. We don’t take shortcuts with security, and your data always belongs to you.

Every industry has specific tools and requirements, and pharmacies are no different. We work with the technology you use every day.

Are you ready to offload your pharmacy's bookkeeping & payroll?

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