Ladurée Canada’s High-Volume POS System


Ladurée is a world-renowned luxury French pâtisserie, with a rich history dating back to 1862.

Ladurée is best known for creating the world’s most delectable macarons, presented in exquisite gift boxes, alongside delicious pastries, sweets and savoury treats. Around the world, Ladurée tea rooms offer irresistible culinary delights in elegant and traditional surroundings: a veritable hymn to innovative sweets and pastries. Now Ladurée is represented with its boutiques and tea salons in nearly 30 countries. Ladurée entered Canada in March of 2016, when it opened its first location in Vancouver.


The Need

Ladurée Canada contacted us when they were opening a unique pop-up shop in Holt Renfrew’s popular downtown Vancouver location. They had designed a stunning antique carriage inspired display, but had not yet sorted out a POS system in time for opening.

Key Challenges


None of the staff running the pop-up shop had previous experience with Square. To onboard the staff, we held a hands-on training session and were available as-needed in the early days of the pop-up shop.

Solutions - Process Modernization

Because of the high volume of traffic expected at Holt Renfrew, wifi-downtime would not be an option. We set them up with a Bell Mifi device to ensure fast, consistent wireless internet to all iPads running the Square POS.

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Cash Management

Efficiency in bookkeeping and cash management was essential, as was verifying that funds net of fees were actually credited into the bank. We integrated Square with their accounting system (Quickbooks Online) and ensured that net cash sales were collected daily.


How Enkel Helped

While the Ladurée team focused on providing visual sumptuousness and delicious macarons (what they know best!), they entrusted Enkel with the task of finding a POS system that would handle a high volume of transactions on opening day.

With little time to spare, we liaised with Square to help set up a POS system and SKUs. In order to ensure that Ladurée would be ready for launch, we sourced all of the hardware needed to get the IT side of the business up and running. This included securing cash drawers, tablet stands, screen protectors and cases, and extended warranties for all tech products. Right before launch, we came in to train the Ladurée team on how to use their new POS system, and provided as-needed bookkeeping support for cash reconciliations and close outs.

The Result

Customers love how easy Square is to use, receiving paperless e-mail receipts. Easily reconciled bookkeeping at the end of the pop-up event. Square provided Ladurée with transparent fees, excellent customer service and a flawless POS experience.

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