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Tina Strehlke, Executive Director, Minerva BC Photo
Enkel helped us streamline and modernize our finance function. We love the digital tools they introduced – we are spending less time managing receipts and expense reports and more time delivering on our mission. Most importantly, Enkel improved our monthly and quarterly financial reporting processes. Better reporting enables team members to make better programming decisions, and provides the Board with greater clarity about the organization’s current status.”
-   Tina Strehlke, Executive Director, Minerva BC

Our Services

Monthly Bookkeeping

From capturing your receipts to entering your transactions into your online accounting software, we can help manage your books and provide you with accurate monthly financial reports.

Payroll Management

Focus on running your business while we ensure your employees get paid accurately and punctually. From paystubs to T4s, we’ll also help you handle all the paperwork.

Accounts Payable

From processing of invoices to getting them paid, we will manage your accounts payable process to ensure you stay up to date with your payables list.

Accounts Receivable

With our receivables process, we will manage your accounts and prevent past due accounts, while you avoid costly delays in your receivables.

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Reliable Bookkeeping for Faster Growth

At Enkel, we understand that Toronto small businesses owners need reliable bookkeepers that have the knowledge and technology tools to efficiently manage their books. Enkel provides streamlined bookkeeping and accounting services to small medium sized businesses across Canada.

With years of experience, our team of professional accountants and bookkeepers will ensure your monthly financial records are well maintained and up to date, while you receive accurate financial statements after month-end. We also rely on cloud-based accounting technology tools like QuickBooks Online, ReceiptBank and Plooto to automate your accounting processes.

With Enkel, you can focus on growing your business without having to worry about your bookkeeping tasks.

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We have an experienced team of professional accountants and bookkeepers providing quality bookkeeping and accounting services for Toronto businesses. For any specific accounting issues that arise during the year, our SMEs can also step in to help tackle those issues. From GST and HST sales tax remittances to month-end reporting, our clients can run their business without having to worry about unpleasant bookkeeping surprises.

Efficiency & Visibility

Through our cloud-based accounting processes, we are able to help businesses automate most of their data entry and save time and money. Our clients will also gain greater visibility of their cash flow and understand how their business is doing throughout the year.


At Enkel, we create customized bookkeeping and accounting processes to help businesses streamline their workflow. By using cloud accounting technology and automation, our processes are scalable to accommodate the needs of a growing business.

Our Bookkeeping Process

Documents Submission

Submit to us copies of your receipts and invoices, and leave the rest up to us! We accept all documents via email, phone or scanner.

Your Bookkeeping Team

Your bookkeeping team will start to reconcile your account transactions with your statements, and ensure your books are current and accurate.

Questions & Clarifications

After month-end, we will follow up with you on outstanding transactions from the prior month. If there are unsupported transactions, we will ask you to explain these and provide support.


We will generate your financial statements as well as customized reports to provide unique financial insights that will enable you to better comprehend the financial complexities of your business.

Bookkeeping tips for growing a scalable business

We created the ‘Bookkeeping Tips for Growing a Scalable Business’ eBook to share useful tips on how to streamline your bookkeeping process for success. 

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