The Small Nonprofit Podcast – Outsourcing Your Back Office (And reducing your stress)

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The Small Nonprofit Podcast – Outsourcing Your Back Office (And reducing your stress)
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The Small Nonprofit Podcast is presented by Charity Village and Cindy Wagman from The Good Partnership. The podcast focuses on a wide range of topics, from fundraising to marketing to finance, and provides listeners with actionable expert guidance on how to run a small nonprofit. Every episode includes an interview with an expert, discussing the challenges and solutions that are relevant to small nonprofits. The podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google, Spotify, The Good Partnership and CharityVillage’s website.

The Small Nonprofit Podcast - Outsourcing Your Back Office

Outsourcing Your Nonprofit Back Office

A few weeks ago, Cindy hosted Enkel CEO, Omar Visram, on The Small Nonprofit Podcast to discuss about how the future of work is changing and cloud technologies that organizations can use to improve their accounting processes.

Growing Outsourcing Trends

Having accurate and reliable bookkeeping is pertinent to nonprofits due to the strict financial regulations that they are subjected to. However, many smaller nonprofits are unable to hire or manage the right bookkeeper professionals to handle their books. This results in inaccurate financial reporting and poor visibility into the organization’s finances.

Many organizations are turning to outsourcing and cloud-based technology as a long term solution to their accounting problems. For small organizations, outsourcing is a cheaper alternative that allows organizations to have their books done accurately by professional accountants and bookkeepers, and gain visibility into their finances.

Tune in to the podcast to learn more about the cloud-based technologies that we use at Enkel to help our nonprofit clients streamline their bookkeeping and record-keeping process.

We would like to thank The Good Partnership and Charity Village for having us as a guest on The Small Nonprofit podcast. If you found the podcast interesting and would like to learn more about outsourced accounting services for your nonprofit organization, feel free to contact us to schedule a call!

Omar Visram
About Omar Visram
Omar Visram is the Co-founder and CEO of Enkel Backoffice Solutions Inc. Headquartered in Vancouver, Enkel provides bookkeeping, payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable services to over 300 organizations Canada-wide.