Enkel Has a New Look!

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Enkel Has a New Look!

Why a new look you ask?

We’re on a mission to unburden our clients from back office functions and to reinvent the way accounting services are delivered using cloud-based technology. We wanted our brand to better reflect this modern, simple, client-centric approach to delivering accounting services.

The way that organizations manage back office functions is changing, and we are thrilled to be leading the charge. Gone are the days of hiring a full-time accounting team when the workload doesn’t require it, letting backlogs build up to the point that tax season is terrifying, and having to recruit, hire, train and manage pricey personnel. Outsourced accounting - or “accounting as a service” - is the new normal.

We hope you like our new look and would love to tell you more about how we can manage your accounting functions so you can get back to what you love!

Omar Visram
About Omar Visram
Omar Visram is the Co-founder and CEO of Enkel Backoffice Solutions Inc. Headquartered in Vancouver, Enkel provides bookkeeping, payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable services to over 300 organizations Canada-wide.