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The Enkel Conference Circuit

The recent launch of Xero’s Canadian presence during the Xero Roadshow marks the start of another great summer of conferences. From Xerocon to QuickBooks Connect, we are delighted to be working closely with our app partners to make our mark on the bookkeeping and accounting industry.

The Xero Roadshow

This month, the Xero team hit the road for their inaugural Xero Roadshow Canada. With stops in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto, the mini-conference provided context relating to Xero’s future vision and strategy, product pipeline, recently added features, and strategies for growing and scaling a profitable practice.

We were excited to share some of our own experiences during the Partner Panel Discussion, where our CEO, Omar Visram, joined Regan McGrath and Joe Collins on stage. The panel answered a series of questions moderated by Michael Kravshik, CEO of Luminari, as well as audience questions relating to the groups experiences growing a profitable practice, and where they see success in the future.

QuickBooks Online’s Get Connected Calgary in Calgary, Alberta

On May 27-28, we will be attending QuickBooks Online’s Get Connected Calgary event hosted in Calgary Alberta. Similar to the Xero roadshow, QuickBooks Online hosts city-centric events designed to bring bookkeepers and accountants together to discuss the future of the accounting industry. We have been long-time supporters of the QuickBooks Online platform and are excited to be working with their team to bring cloud technology to Alberta-based businesses.

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Xerocon 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia

On June 6-7, we will be attending our second Xerocon conference hosted in Atlanta, Georgia. Xerocon is known for bringing the best and brightest bookkeepers and accountants together for a couple days of learning and networking. Last year, Omar came back with a wealth of knowledge and an updated growth strategy. We are excited to see what comes from this year’s conference!

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Omar Visram
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Omar Visram is the Co-founder and CEO of Enkel Backoffice Solutions Inc. Headquartered in Vancouver, Enkel provides bookkeeping, payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable services to over 300 organizations Canada-wide.