10 Must-Listen Podcasts for Business Owners

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10 Must-Listen Podcasts for Business Owners

Looking to make your commute a little more productive? Turn off your morning playlist and start making podcasts a part of your day. Podcasts are still growing in popularity, and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, now is the time.

Being a business owner in 2017 is different from being one 20 years ago. There are countless new challenges for managing growth, managing cash flow and standing out amidst crowded markets. However, we now work in an era of information.

The internet makes it easier than ever to seek out strategic advice from other business owners and industry experts. Podcasts are an easy, enjoyable way for entrepreneurs and small business owners absorb information and inspiration on the go.

If you’re new to podcasts, it can be difficult to know where to begin! Here are some of the podcasts that the Enkel team is listening to lately.

How I Built This by NPR

This podcast highlights the growth stories of businesses that grew from entrepreneurship to the successful brands we know today. From Whole Foods to AirBNB, learn how business owners grew their ideas into flourishing businesses, and the mistakes and lessons they learned along the way.

Jocko Podcast

Ideal for your morning commute, host Jocko Willink is like an audio bootcamp for your leadership skills. An actual decorated Navy SEAL, Jocko touches on topics ranging from worth ethic and discipline, to fitness routines (and why physical health is so important to your work). His hypnotic voice will leave you feeling inspired throughout the rest of your day.

The Productivity Show

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re likely wearing a few too many hats on any given day. This podcast is focused on ideas and inspiration for staying productive and working more effectively. You’ll learn about setting goals, organizing your to-do list effectively and how to find a healthy work-life balance.

StartUp by Gimlet Media

Hosted by Lisa Chow and Alex Blumberg, StartUp is all about getting your business off the ground. With their entertaining style of storytelling, hosts Lisa and Alex dive deep into why some startups are so successful and why others fail. This no-nonsense podcast has about 1 million listeners per month - and with good reason.

Xero Gravity

It won’t surprise anyone that one of the keys to managing a successful business is… making money. Xero Gravity is a conversational podcast that talks all about how small business owners took a great idea and turned it into a profitable one. Inspiring and witty, host Elizabeth Ü also touches on the underlying emotional labour that goes into growing your small business.  

Social Pros Podcast

We probably don’t need to tell you that your company’s online presence is important. In this digital era, your customers are online, and if you aren’t meeting them there, you’re losing business. Social Pros hosts Jay Baer and Adam Brown meet with social media strategists to talk industry trends and social marketing success stories. New to social media marketing? No fear. This podcast is totally accessible for beginners through to media experts.

Planet Money by NPR

Imagine spending half an hour listening to people talk about the economy. Now, imagine that they’re actually interesting, insightful and relatable. That’s where you’ll find Planet Money. Through engaging history lessons and real world case studies, the guests of Planet Money make following the economy something you'll actually look forward to each week.

Entrepreneur On Fire

Entrepreneur On Fire is arguably one of the most famous, best rated business podcasts in the world. Host John Lee Dumas starts every episode digging into each entrepreneur’s biggest failure and best “a-ha” moment. With new episodes every day, this podcast is ideal for hungry listeners who are looking to learn.

Tropical MBA

This lifestyle podcast meets with business-minded entrepreneurs who have forsaken the traditional 9-5 lifestyle in favour of being digital nomads. These entrepreneurs run their businesses from their laptops - sometimes, from the beach. The topics they cover appeal to all business owners, even if you’re still more comfortable at your desk.

The Minimalists

Although not directly focused on running a business, the Minimalists podcast is an important listen for everyone struggling to keep up with our busy, modern lifestyles. Hosts Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus discuss living a meaningful life, with less clutter, less stress and less worry. The perfect end to your day, the Minimalists will inspire you to get down to what really matters in life.

Looking to simplify running your business? Or even talk about some of the podcasts above?  Contact us today and learn more about our bookkeeping services, and some ways that we can help to streamline your business processes!

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