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Running an eCommerce store or retail business is not for the faint of heart. From curating inventory to fulfilling orders to chasing suppliers, you don't have a moment to spare. We can help.

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Enkel Retail and eCommerce Accounting services

Tight margins and changing inventory balances make accurate cash flow forecasting tricky

Whether you have one store or many, keeping a close eye on your books is integral in sustaining and growing your retail or eCommerce business. Time to bring in accounting as a service, a self-managing proactive accounting team here to help you scale up.
Merchant fees
Fulfillment & Merchant Fees

Fees and expenses can cannibalize your profit margins – your chart of accounts should be set up to uncover your true costs.

Foreign Exchange
Foreign Exchange

Buying inventory and selling to customers in different currencies creates accounting complexities.

Informed decision making
Cash Flow Visibility

With high volume transactions coming in and going out each day, you need to understand where you stand each month.

Sales Tax
Inventory Management

Accurately reflecting inventory balances in financial statements can be tricky to get right.

Caroline Somos, Founder, Blackbird Fabrics Photo
The team at Enkel has been amazing to work with! With their payroll and bookkeeping support, I have been able to scale my business without worrying about spending days on spreadsheets and numbers. I know I can trust them to be thorough and professional.”
-   Caroline Somos, Founder, Blackbird Fabrics

Accurate, reliable retail accounting and bookkeeping services so you can focus on growth

Financial statements and inventory management
Financial statements to keep your store(s) running  

Monthly updates on your balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows. Understand your cost of inventory and product profitability to uncover your stock winners.  

Inventory planning & financing

Making big inventory purchases is risky and requires careful planning for when it’s best for the business. If there isn’t enough cash on hand, up-to-date books ensure you’ll be bank-ready for any loan applications. 

The skills mix you need

Avoid having to hire a bookkeeper, payroll professional, or accounts payable clerk. A single fee for the top-notch talent you need to fill the accounting gaps that you don’t have to recruit and retain.

Future-proof accounting software 

With multiple systems needing to work together, including payment and inventory management, we’ll ensure you’re leveraging the right tech stack to enable scalable workflows that support your business growth. 

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