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Patient care is your priority. Let us handle your books.

Running your practice along with treating your patients is more than enough to keep your plate full. Don’t let your books cause any unnecessary stress. We can help.

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Medical clinics
Medical clinics
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Dental offices
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Vision care
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Chiropractic, RMT, Physiotherapy
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Sports medicine
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Lawrence Buchan, Co-founder and CEO, Arbutus Medical Photo
Time is our most valuable resource. We are trying to build something big and meaningful, which means everything we do has to scale. Having Enkel handle our bookkeeping, payroll and accounts payable lets our team stay focused on delivering radically affordable surgical tools around the world.”
-   Lawrence Buchan, Co-founder and CEO, Arbutus Medical

Accounting as a service for healthcare and paramedical clinics

Ensure your books are accurate with insurance billing, payables, and payroll by working with trusted experts. We’ll fill your accounting gaps to ensure your practice’s back office is running smoothly.
Recoverable expenses
Revenue recognition

From insurance billing, patient billing, and contractor fees and rent, your income will always be recorded properly.

Insurance billing
Insurance billing

Keep your accounts receivable up-to-date while awaiting direct billing payments from insurance companies.

Accounting for software services
EMR integration

Experience working with most major EMR (electronic medical records software) systems, ensuring the right data is captured in the books every month.

Project profitability
Dispersing contractor revenue

Integrate your booking system with your accounting system to ensure proper collection from and payment to contractors for their appointments.

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