Four Accounting Software & Tools Every Medical Practice Needs

Omar Visram
Four Accounting Software & Tools Every Medical Practice Needs
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Having the right software and tools is crucial for the success of your medical practice business. Not only will it make your accounting and bookkeeping process significantly more streamlined, but the right tools will also allow you to increase your productivity, save on valuable resources like time and money, and will enable you to provide better services to your patients.

Some of the most essential tools for your medical practice are:

1. QuickBooks Online

When selecting an accounting software program, you need to choose one that suits all of your needs. If you are a small, private practice with only a handful of practitioners, QuickBooks Online is a great choice. 

This program is one of the top accounting software on the market, and it can help your medical practice manage its bookkeeping, track profitability, manage bills, and organize your records. It is a cloud-based accounting software that is great for managing smaller medical practices. It allows you to access your financial data while on the go and gives you the ability to collaborate with your team members, bookkeepers, and accountants from anywhere.

You can use QuickBooks Online for bank and credit card reconciliations and ensure the accuracy of all transactions, preventing fraud. It allows you to keep track of your sales tax liabilities and has a billing feature that allows you to send invoices and collect payments from insurance providers and patients.

QuickBooks Online also has a "classes" or "locations" feature, which is helpful if you have multiple locations and want to manage the costs and track the performance of individual practices. It can also help you track the performance of individual service lines, which is helpful if your practice has multiple specialties.

2. Dext Prepare

Dext Prepare is an excellent tool for helping you track and manage your expenses. It allows you to take a snapshot of your invoices and receipts and then automatically extracts the key data from these documents, eliminating the need for storing the hard copies.

Dext Prepare streamlines the bookkeeping process because it eliminates the need for manual data entry for invoices or receipts. You simply have to review the numbers to ensure they are correct, and then you can easily export the transaction to your accounting software. All of your documents are stored in the cloud for easy access. 

This tool is a good, centralized platform for gathering all invoices from suppliers. It keeps all of your documents organized and leaves an audit trail, allowing you to stay up-to-date on all of your practice's payables.

3. Plooto

From medical equipment to protective personal equipment, your practice requires plenty of supplies to operate. Managing your payables well is key to maintaining a good relationship with your vendors and ensuring that your practice always has all of the supply inventory needed to treat your patients.

Plooto is an excellent tool to help you manage your vendor payments. It automates your payables process by allowing you to easily schedule your payments to vendors and sends the payments electronically with your approval. This reduces the need for cheque payments and leaves an easy-to-follow audit trail. 

Plooto helps you make all of your payments on time, giving you the option to take advantage of early payment discounts and keeping your relationships with your vendors healthy and strong.

4. Payworks

Labour is a major expense for every medical practice. You are responsible for the payroll of your receptionists, practice manager, physicians, and everyone in between. Regardless of the size of your practice, you should enlist the help of a payroll software program like Payworks to help manage your payroll.

Manually calculating payroll can lead to errors in deductions and can cause you to incur penalties. It is also extremely time-consuming and inefficient. Using Payworks helps save you a significant amount of time, and it also helps you calculate payroll deductions for each employee and remits them automatically to the CRA on your behalf.

When your medical practice uses the right tools to get the job done, your bookkeeping process will become more efficient. You can leverage technology to save your practice both time and money.

At Enkel, we stay current on the changing trends in accounting tools and software and are familiar with all of the programs that can help your clinic experience greater financial visibility. Contact us today to find out how we can help your medical clinic take advantage of the latest technological advancements and streamline your entire bookkeeping process. 

We thoroughly research and test the apps we include in our regular workflow for Client bookkeeping services. After deciding on criteria for evaluating the software and then researching the app itself, we tested the app, noting its strengths and weaknesses. We then work with the app for at least a few weeks before deciding whether to recommend it to our readers. We use the software as it was designed for its intended tasks. For a detailed walk-through of how we select and evaluate software, please see the details of our process.

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