The In’s And Out’s Of Accounting For Fundraising Events

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The In’s And Out’s Of Accounting For Fundraising Events

Planning your year-end fundraising campaigns to take advantage of the biggest donation period of the year is very important for nonprofit organizations. But first, you need to set up proper accounting for fundraising events. Not only will it help you to determine the ROI of your efforts, but you’ll be better able to develop future fundraising targets, build accurate and reliable financial reporting and accountability to stakeholders, and more.

This November, we partnered with CanadaHelps on the 'The In's and Out's of Accounting For Fundraising Events' webinar to chat about how nonprofit organizations can stay compliant with fundraising accounting practices, especially during the busy event season.

During the webinar, we dived into:

- Why does proper accounting for fundraising events matter?

- How to presenting fundraising and revenue expenses.

- Tracking fundraising revenue and expenses.

- Tax receipting

- Processes and internal controls at fundraising events

If you missed out on our live webinar session, you can watch the webinar recording on-demand below. Enjoy!

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