Bookkeeping services for small to medium-sized businesses

Build your business and leave the bookkeeping to us.

You need every waking moment to run and grow your business and odds are, bookkeeping is holding you back. At Enkel, we do the bookkeeping for small to mid-sized businesses, saving time and money, while providing accurate, compliant financial reporting. Now, get back to building a great business.

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Dan Pichette, VP of Business Development, Output Co. Photo
Working with Enkel is just easy. I’ve used internal and external bookkeepers in my career so have seen it done both ways. The way Enkel works is ideal. The checklists and google sheets are totally automated, receipt bank works really well, the systems they use are straightforward, and everything is just simple. Last month took me 10 minutes instead of 10 hours.”
-   Dan Pichette, VP of Business Development, Output Co.

The benefits of bookkeeping as a service:

  • You stay focused on growing your organization. You didn’t get into this to be a bookkeeper, and every minute you spend trying to get on top of your financials, is time spent not growing your business. Get back to what you love doing, and we’ll do the books.
  • Get the skills without salaries. Good, reliable, bookkeeping talent can be hard to find, train and retain. Bookkeeping is what we do all day, every day. Our team has the leadership and expertise to keep your books current and accurate.
  • No more hiring, firing and surprise departures. Ever been blind-sided by employee departures that leave your bookkeeping in limbo? Say good-bye to hiring, firing, recruiting and managing. Our team is always able to pick up where others leave off. We’ll take it from here.
  • Go from spreadsheets to streamlined processes. The devil is in the details, and spreadsheets are often riddled with costly mistakes. We bring modern, cloud-based bookkeeping technologies in a collaborative environment where you can see the big picture, relax about taxes, and easily manage admin functions.
  • Get tax and audit ready financials. “I love tax season” said no one, ever. But what if your books were in order and tax time was a no-brainer? We make sure you have everything you need to file your tax returns without all the tension.
  • Get a good night’s sleep – for a change. What price would you pay for “peace of mind”? Every business operator’s worst nightmare is to run out of money and close the doors. We make sure you’ve got the three C’s; Consistency, Clarity, and Control. Now, go get a good night’s sleep and leave the bookkeeping to us.

Easy onboarding. Clear expectations.


Let us unburden you from bookkeeping functions. At Enkel, we make it super simple to transition your bookkeeping to us, with little to no interruption to operations.

After we setup your systems, we design and develop detailed processes, guides and checklists. We train your team, clean up any backlog or outstanding work, and provide you with a process map showing key deadlines/dates in the monthly delivery cycle. Our team monitors the deliverables to ensure important details are continuously captured, and start a regular cadence of monthly process management and reporting.

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