Bookkeeping & Payroll Services for Dental Practices

You brighten smiles. Let us do the books.

You did not start your dental practice to become a bookkeeper. Outsourcing your bookkeeping can help you save time, money and give you access to a team of knowledgable dental bookkeepers. Let Enkel help.

Why Enkel

accounting bookkeeping services for Dental practices and clinics

Stress-free, reliable dental bookkeeping

There are endless day-to-day challenges to face as a dentist. Not only are you performing procedures, developing treatment plans and trying to stay on top of the latest techniques and products, but you’re also running a business. At Enkel, our team of dental bookkeepers help manage the day-to-day bookkeeping, payroll, and other back office services so you have peace of mind while you grow your practice.

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Accurate Financial Statements

Running a solid dental practice includes making smart decisions about hiring, purchasing equipment, and so much more. In order to know what you can afford and when you can afford it, you need an accurate, up-to-date set of financials. Let Enkel provide you with monthly cash flow reports, balance sheets and income statements to give you the insights you need for all your dental offices.

Insurance billing
Billing and Insurance

The bane of every dentist's existence is billing. Keeping on top of insurance claims and ensuring your accounts receivable is up to date can be tedious while you're trying to run your practice. Let Enkel manage your accounts receivable properly while you keep patients happy and well cared for.

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Timely, Accurate Payroll

Happy employees need to be motivated and appropriately compensated to keep them from going elsewhere. But as your practice grows, you have less and less time to do all the back office functions like payroll. At Enkel, we make sure your employees get paid the right amount at the right time and help your practice stay compliant with payroll legislation.

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Accounting Skills and Software

The cost of a bookkeeper, payroll professional, and accounts payable and/or receivables clerk, along with all of the software required to manage the back office functions not only take a bite out of profits, but can be difficult to find and harder to manage. Outsourcing these functions let's you focus on what really matters.

Lawrence Buchan, Co-founder & CEO, Arbutus Medical Photo
Outsourcing our accounting requirements allowed our team to concentrate on growing the business, and not worry about back office people and processes. In the end, we spend less, and focus more on our core purpose.”
-   Lawrence Buchan, Co-founder & CEO, Arbutus Medical

Best-in-class cloud-based technology that drives dental practice efficiencies

We work with cloud-based applications specializing in payroll, time tracking, merchant processing, expense management, and more. We don’t take shortcuts with security, and your data always belongs to you.

Every industry has specific tools and requirements, and dentistry is no different. We work with the technology you use every day.

Are you ready to offload the bookkeeping & payroll for your dental practice?

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Your company’s revenue, expenses, and volume of transactions impact pricing, so there’s no single answer. Typically bookkeeping services start at $949 a month. Please reach out to get a custom quote.

We do not provide any personal tax or year-end accounting services as we are not a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) firm.

However, we will work closely with your chosen accountant to ensure they have the reports they need to do your year-end filings. If you don’t have a year-end accountant, we’d be happy to provide you with some recommendations (don’t worry, there’s no kickback for us).

Once the contract is signed, your kickoff typically takes place within a week and depending on any catch-up bookkeeping that’s required, you begin receiving reports in a month.

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