Bookkeeping Services For Strata & Property Management

You manage the buildings. We've got the books.

You are accountable to owners and need to carefully monitor costs. It’s a lot of work. While you focus on running lean, you can rely on us to manage your bookkeeping and keep you compliant.

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Maintaining diligent processes for owner reporting and compliance is no easy task.

You have enough balls in the air, you don’t need any added stress. This is why having your financial back office running like a well-oiled machine is essential. We have the experience you need working with property management companies and strata corporations.

Strata accounting
Strata Accounting

Stay on top of your requirements under the Strata Property Act.

Reporting to owners
Reporting to Owners

Transparency is paramount so owners see their investment profitability and ongoing obligations.

Fully managed tech
Routine Process

Consistent processes applied every month to ensure accuracy in monthly reporting.

AGM prep
Year-end Preparation

Keeping a set of records that are clear for your auditors is paramount in keeping year end compliance bills low.

Adrian Dostie, Verbier Management Ltd. Photo
Enkel supported us as we migrated to cloud-based accounting and directed us towards a tool stack that has helped us better integrate our business activities with accounting. The team is responsive and forward-thinking and a great partner for a busy property management company.”
-   Adrian Dostie, Verbier Management Ltd.

Accurate, reliable accounting services so you can focus on running a lean and efficient operation

services bookeeping tax ready docs
Collecting rent on time

We will help you implement tools to collect rent more efficiently to minimize stress at the beginning of the month. Where needed, our team will work with your tenants to make sure you get paid.

Cost reporting

We’ve got an eye on your expenses. At any time, we are able to generate reports showing expenses incurred by category or to each supplier. Use this reporting to make better decisions.

Property Management Accounting technology
Efficiency through technology

Leverage the right tech stack to enable workflows and processes to future-proof your accounting. We’ll integrate with your tools to make it as easy as possible while you’re on the go. 

The skills you need

Avoid having to hire a payroll professional, a property accountant, a payables clerk, and an accounts receivable clerk. A single fee for top-notch talent that you don’t have to recruit and retain. 

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