Accounting and bookkeeping services for Pharmacies

Focus on helping your customers. We'll do the bookkeeping.

Customer requests, juggling suppliers, and maintaining a high standard of service is enough to handle. Whether you own one retail pharmacy or five, we can help you manage your books while you do the rest.

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Dedicate your time to running your pharmacy and growing your business

As the seasons change, you can expect customer needs to change. Consistent, streamlined bookkeeping will help you understand how the business is performing throughout the year, giving you insight on profit margins and help keep your staffing costs in check.

At Enkel, we work with pharmacies across Canada and have seen first hand the challenges that pharmacy owners face. We can help.
Multi-location bookkeeping services – company wide visibility
Reliable financial statements

Accurate monthly financial statements to help you understand your profitability with a seamless year end tax reporting process.

insurance billing
Receivables tracking

Ensure you are being reimbursed for submitted insurance claims through diligent review and reporting.

NiceJob Case Study - Accurate monthly cash flow forecasting
Cash flow visibility

Understand how much money is the bank against what you owe to suppliers so that you are prepared through the busy and slow months.

Inventory tracking system
Inventory management

Keep the business lean and efficient by monitoring inventory turnover and gross margins.

Accurate payroll

Accurate and on-time payroll processing for all hourly and salaried staff.

Ready to offload your accounting and bookkeeping tasks?

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Dallas Fontaine, CEO, The Perk Services Photo
Working with Enkel is really simple. I spend a small amount of time uploading documents and the team at Enkel takes it from there. I save so much time doing it this way, and never have to worry about whether or not the books are being done right or not.”
-   Dallas Fontaine, CEO, The Perk Services
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5 Tips to Improve Your Pharmacy’s Bookkeeping Process

Setting up the right bookkeeping process is key to managing your pharmacy’s bookkeeping well. We’ve put together 5 actionable tips that will help you improve your bookkeeping process. 

Master the 5 Tips
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