Bookkeeping & Payroll Services for Quick Service Restaurants

Focus on delivering a great customer experience. We’ll do the books.

Your brand reputation is at the core of everything you do. Inconsistencies or negative reviews can impact all locations, not just one. To be successful, this is where your focus needs to be, not worrying about bookkeeping and payroll. We can help.

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The confidence you need to build and grow your restaurant group

Good food, efficient service, and a consistent, reliable experience are what brings customers back day after day – and it’s more than enough to keep you busy. With a smoothly running back office, you’ll get the reports and cash flow clarity you need to make better business decision and succeed.

Expense report processes
Supplier Payments

Staying up to date with your suppliers is key to ensuring that you continue to get ingredients delivered on time.

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Cost Control

Buying large volumes from one supplier should mean economies of scale and discount pricing when closely monitored for accuracy.

Multi location bookkeeping services – multi location financial reporting
Consistent Reporting

Having an apples to apples view of all financial reports for all locations so you can assess profitability and identify areas to improve.

Camy Wong, VP of Finance, Steve's Poké Bar Photo
At the end of the day, we’re looking at our cost of goods, labour costs, and the bottom line. With Enkel, we now have books we can rely on to evaluate the performance of our locations. And I now only spend a few hours a month on bookkeeping. This frees me up to open new locations and spend time with our 4 kids.”
-   Camy Wong, VP of Finance, Steve's Poké Bar

Accurate and reliable bookkeeping services

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Stress-free payroll processing

A team of experienced payroll professionals at the ready. We’ll work with managers to track employee starts and departures, and ensure accurate and on-time wage and tip payments for all staff. When tax season rolls around, rest assured all details will be taken care of. 

Consolidated reporting with actionable insights

With a standard Chart of Accounts across locations, you’ll receive consolidated monthly reporting for easy benchmarking and comparisons. With custom dashboards built by our data and AI experts, get the business insights you need to better plan for the future. 

Financial statements and inventory management
Hands-off approach with scalable processes

The key to growing a successful group of QSRs is consistency and process. After your initial involvement in the design process for monthly processes, our aim is to take you out of the day-to-day minutiae so you have the time and confidence to focus on other parts of the business.

Your financial technology experts

Experienced with most major POS systems, we will work to integrate your sales data directly with your accounting software to minimize data entry and accelerate the delivery of monthly reports. With the right systems in place, we can future-proof your accounting to grow with your business.  

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Bookkeeping & Payroll Resources for Quick Service Restaurants