Accounting Services for IT and Managed Service Providers

Stay focused on delivering for your clients. Leave the accounting to us.

Running a successful software services business requires persistence, a commitment to clients, and operational excellence. We can help take day-to-day accounting off your list.

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Reliable Accounting Support for IT Firms and Managed Service Providers

Successful project management requires checks and balances to ensure tasks are being completed on time, on budget, and with the right amount of labour.

We work with a variety of software services and managed service providers. Take your mind off of financials and leave it to our proactive team to deliver the financial visibility you need to grow your business.
Reporting to owners
Revenue and cost recognition

Properly recognizing which costs are yours (COGS) vs which costs can be recovered (project costs) is critical. When revenue and cost allocations are categorized by project, you’ll have visibility into whether projects are making or losing money.

Expense report processes
Accounts receivable follow up

Inevitably invoices get lost, key contacts change, and late payments occur. Through our proven workflow, invoices will get sent out promptly, accelerating your cash collection, and complete with an escalation protocol to address invoicing concerns before it’s too late.

Multi-location bookkeeping services – Designed to scale
Protecting gross margin

Understanding labour costs and profitability allows delivery leaders to adjust course if necessary. Combined with razor-thin margins on tools and cloud reseller costs which tie up working capital, it’s imperative to ensure reseller costs are recovered quickly to maintain margins and prevent write-offs.

Multi-location bookkeeping services – consolidated payroll processing
Payroll and contractor payments

Keeping your employees and contractors paid for their hard work is key to keeping your business going. We verify hours against invoices and automate payments to minimize friction and save you time.

Tracking SR&ED expenses

Processes and workflows developed to solve customer problems might be eligible for SR&ED. We will work with you to ensure that SR&ED costs are appropriately captured so that your claim is accurate and submitted efficiently.

Strata accounting
Working through acquisitions

Often clients scale fast and become the target of acquisitions. In these cases, we’ve continued on as back office partners. We are used to working with changing teams and helping clients through this process.

Working closely with IT companies across Canada

Michael Argast, Founder & CEO, Kobalt Security Inc.  Photo
Even though I am reasonably financially savvy, I am not a bookkeeper. Simple things like making sure the payroll is out on time every month and AP and AR are being held properly, are things that take a lot of time – especially if you are not specialized in it. I was really happy to start working with Enkel because now I don’t need to spend 10-15 hours a month worrying about my accounting tasks. I can hand it off to them and focus on building my business and serving my clients. ”
-   Michael Argast, Founder & CEO, Kobalt Security Inc.

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