Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for Professional Services

You focus on delivering great work, we'll do the books.

Running your practice and keeping clients happy is enough to keep your plate full. We can help.

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accounting and bookkeeping services for consulting and professional firms

Diligent invoicing and revenue recognition are paramount for services-based organizations.

With accounting as a service, we’ll fill your accounting gaps to ensure your firm’s back office is running smoothly.
Recoverable expenses
Recoverable expenses

Closely managing, tracking and billing expenses back to your clients.

Project profitability
Project profitability

Monitor the profitability of projects and know when to bill more or make changes.

Time tracking
Time tracking

Mitigate revenue leakage by having the right time tracking tools and processes.

Managing payroll

On-time and accurate payments for contractors and staff.

Supporting professionals delivering a variety of services

Accounting and bookkeeping services for Consulting agencies
Consulting firms & agencies

Including management consulting and marketing agencies. We can integrate with your time tracking software to ensure billing and collection for projects and ongoing retainers.

Accounting and bookkeeping services for professional services
Professional practices

Including lawyers, civil engineers, architects, designers, and others. We'll ensure that your project billing, collection, and profitability are closely managed.

Trusted by growing firms across Canada

Accurate, reliable accounting services so you can focus on delivery

Accelerated cash collection

With our proven process for accounts receivable follow up, we can collect your money faster and help to prevent write-offs.

Monthly financial statements you can rely on

As projects last from weeks to months, ensure you have the cash flow runway you need to pay your team and complete the engagement. 

Professional services
The skills mix you need

Avoid having to hire a bookkeeper, payroll professional, or accounts payable clerk. A single fee for the top-notch talent you need to fill the accounting gaps that you don’t have to recruit and retain.

Efficiency through technology

Leverage the right tech stack to enable workflows and processes to future-proof your accounting. We’ll integrate with your day-to-day tools to make it as seamless as possible. 

Sandra Phillips, Founder and CEO, movmi Shared Transportation Services Photo
I used to spend hours on bookkeeping every month and still worry about its quality for year-end reporting. For the past 10 months, the bookkeepers at Enkel have provided accurate and timely reports, and have helped with variance analysis. Since Enkel has taken over the bookkeeping, I can focus my full attention on growing our business!”
-   Sandra Phillips, Founder and CEO, movmi Shared Transportation Services

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