Accounting & Bookkeeping for Coffee Shops, Cafes & Roasters

Keep your customers caffeinated. We’ve got the books.

From sourcing to roasting to brewing, coffee is serious business. With sales channels varying across direct (cafe, online store), channel partners, and wholesale, you need to have an accurate grasp on revenue, receivables, and expenses. We can help.

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Trust us with your accounting needs, so you can focus on quality

Make the most of your limited time by sharing your back office task list with us. Get the skill mix you need to fill the accounting gaps in your business, from a strategic thinking Controller to day-to-day bookkeepers and payroll specialists.
Reporting to owners
Revenue recognition

Ensure accurate allocation of all revenue sources including cafes, retail, online, wholesale, and channels. Get visibility into channel performance with monthly financial reports including cash flow reporting.

inventory management
Inventory management

We can deliver financial expertise to maximize insights into your business and ensure proper record keeping, including tracking your unroasted beans as inventory assets.

Multi-location bookkeeping services – multi-location financial reporting
Multi-location tracking

We’ll set you up with a standardized chart of accounts so you can see your P&L by location, distribute global costs easily (i.e. Marketing), and analyze performance consistently.

Multi-location bookkeeping services – consolidated payroll processing
Payroll Management

Skip the stress payroll and keep your employees happy. We’ll keep employee records up to date and ensure accuracy every pay day.

Caroline Somos, Founder, Blackbird Fabrics Photo
The team at Enkel has been amazing to work with! With their payroll and bookkeeping support, I have been able to scale my business without worrying about spending days on spreadsheets and numbers. I know I can trust them to be thorough and professional.”
-   Caroline Somos, Founder, Blackbird Fabrics

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