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With fierce competition, strict inventory and manufacturing processes, and dealing with distribution and compliance, there’s no shortage of demands on business owners. Don’t add accounting to that list. We can help.

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Get the accounting peace of mind you need to grow your alcohol brand

Running a craft brewery, cidery, distillery, or winery is no easy feat. Besides the mechanics of making the alcohol, the significant costs to get off the ground and continue running are a huge strain on your time and bank account.

From a strategic thinking Controller to day-to-day bookkeepers and payroll specialists, get the skill mix you need to fill the accounting gaps in your business so you can focus on growth.
Revenue recognition
Revenue recognition

With multiple sales channels including tap/tasting rooms, direct sales, wholesale distribution, and more – your revenue is pouring in, so be sure it’s tracked properly to understand what channels are winning for you. Diligent tracking also allows for accurate reconciliations with local liquor distribution boards.

Custom R&D Workflows
Cash flow visibility

Good working capital management is closely related to healthy cash flow and looks at your ability to pay short term debts (lease, salaries, suppliers). With reports delivered monthly, you can keep a close eye on your cash flow and have a clear view of your runway.

Inventory tracking system
Inventory management

Rely on our financial expertise to properly track your inventory through the manufacturing process in your books. This way, you can focus on ensuring you have the right inventory on hand, and avoid excess storage fees or depleted supply.

Payroll management

Skip the stress of payroll and keep your employees happy. We’ll keep employee records up to date and ensure accuracy every pay day.

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