Construction Bookkeeping

Construction Bookkeeping

A Reliable Bookkeeping Service for Contractors in the Construction Industry


With a focus on streamlining back office bookkeeping processes, our team focuses on simplifying the job costing and progress invoicing functions to help maximize profits and improve your workflow.

Using the most up-to-date tools in the construction industry, our qualified bookkeepers are able to implement processes that allow for you to easily estimate jobs, track and allocate expenses to projects, and create a progress invoicing system based on your preferred contract type.

Integrated Systems

Using Excel and Word as estimating and invoicing tools are a way of the past. With Enkel, you receive a digitized workflow allowing for automated estimates and bids, streamlined project management, and simplified job costing to track costs, contracts, and hourly budgets.

Simplified Job Costing

Your Enkel bookkeeper works with you and your team to give you the financial insight needed in order to conduct dependable job costing and invoicing. Expenses are assigned cost codes and allocated to specific projects to provide you with insight on which jobs have the highest profit margins, and which are losing you money. This also allows for progress invoicing using a variety of techniques, including cost plus, fixed lump sum, or unit price contracts. Worrying about holdbacks and current / previous change orders is no longer an issue – best of all, this information is all accessible at the tip of your fingers, whether you are at home, at the office, or on the job site.

Our Tools

corecon logo


Corecon’s cloud based application provides general contractors and construction firms complete project visibility anywhere, at any time. Estimating, job costing, and project management is made simple with this software suite.

quickbooks online

QuickBooks Online (QBO)

Sync your Corecon account with QBO for a streamlined accounting process that brings all of your financial data together. Project information such as bills, sub invoices, prime invoices and timecards are easily pushed to QBO with no need for data entry.

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Sync your Corecon account with Xero for a seamless accounting experience that reduces data entry, while keeping a database of your financial data. Project information is pushed to Xero allowing for full-cycle bookkeeping functionality.

Our Services

construction estimates

Automated Estimates

We automate your estimating process with Corecon and sync with your favourite accounting application to reduce data entry, and develop a scope of work.

job costing

Job Costing

Your bookkeeper will enter expenses and purchase orders into Corecon with assigned cost codes and allocations as per project, giving you more insight on your business.

progress invoicing

Progress Invoicing

Whether you invoice clients using the cost plus, lump sum, or unit price approach, progress invoicing is made simple. You can also create change orders and holdbacks, worry-free.

Sync Your Apps

We work closely with Xero and QBO to offer a full cycle bookkeeping service. Account payables and monthly reconciliations are completed with minimal involvement from you.

The Result

Many general contractors and construction firms struggle with the day-to-day process of estimating, job costing, and invoicing. Our team provides a bookkeeping service tailored around the needs of your business. With our service you will have the necessary financial metrics for each of your jobs right at your fingertips.

Financial insights from a team that understands construction bookkeeping.