Year-end Nonprofit Accounting in a Covid World

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Year-end Nonprofit Accounting in a Covid World

Strong financial governance is a responsibility that you have to your funders, donors, board, and the community. Therefore, the year-end accounting process is an activity that every nonprofit has to undertake to ensure proper financial management.

The year-end accounting process can be challenging for organizations. From compiling documents to supporting the audit, there is a range of tasks that your team will need to accomplish to wrap up the year properly. With the evolving COVID-19 situation that’s impacting organizations, there are also additional accounting considerations that your organization needs to account for and disclose in your financial statements.

'Year-end Nonprofit Accounting in a Covid World' Webinar

This March, we partnered with our friends at Keela on the 'Year-end Nonprofit Accounting in a Covid World' webinar to chat about common reporting challenges faced by nonprofits and what organizations can do to close their year more efficiently.

During the webinar, we dived into:

  • Common challenges that not-for-profits face during the year-end process
  • Tips on closing the year more efficiently
  • Key financial reports to generate for board members

If you missed out on our live webinar session, you can watch the webinar recording on-demand and download the slides below. Enjoy!

Download Webinar Slides

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Domenica Kon is the Marketing Coordinator at Enkel Backoffice Solutions, a Vancouver based accounting firm that provides day-to-day bookkeeping services for small to medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations.