COVID-19 & Strata Insurance Hikes – Legal & Accounting Implications

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COVID-19 & Strata Insurance Hikes – Legal & Accounting Implications

2020 has been a difficult year for homeowner associations (HOA), strata councils, and residential property managers. From managing massive increases in insurance and having to adjust budgets, to the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting communication and decision making with virtual formats. On top of all of that, ongoing amendments to the Strata Property Act put you at risk of not being compliant.

With all the new changes going on, we partnered with the real estate team at Lawson Lundell LLP on a webinar, to break down the legal and accounting implications of recent changes affecting HOA and stratas.

During the webinar, we discussed:

  • The implications of the increases in strata insurance
  • The recent amendments to the Strata Property Act in response to COVID-19
  • How to set up a budget for your strata,
  • Best practices on keeping your strata finance transparent, and
  • Tips for online meeting and getting virtual buy-ins.

Featuring: Omar Visram, CA, CPA from Enkel Backoffice Solutions and Lisa Frey, Real Estate Associate from Lawson Lundell LLP.

The webinar is now available on-demand and you can watch the webinar or download the slides through the buttons below.

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