Importance of Internal Financial Controls for Nonprofit Organizations

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Importance of Internal Financial Controls for Nonprofit Organizations

Mitigate risks, prevent fraud and ensure organizational effectiveness with the proper controls

Creating and maintaining strong internal control systems is one of the most important steps that nonprofit organizations can take to mitigate risk and ensure organizational effectiveness. However, it is often challenging to know where to start and what steps to take to ensure the right types of financial controls are in place.

This practical guide is designed to provide nonprofit leaders, board members, staff, and stakeholders with a clear understanding of internal financial controls and the additional importance of incorporating technology and governance strategies into their development.

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In this guide you’ll learn:

  1. Typical internal control systems in the nonprofit sector
  2. Why internal controls are particularly important for nonprofits
  3. The importance of internal financial controls for Canadian nonprofits
  4. Two types of internal financial controls: preventative and detective controls
  5. How to improve internal controls with technology

Download this guide today to get a better handle on how internal financial controls can increase your organization’s effectiveness while mitigating risk.


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