Getting Your Not-For-Profit’s Financial Operations Ready for 2024

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Getting Your Not-For-Profit’s Financial Operations Ready for 2024

2024 is going to be another challenging year. Economic uncertainty remains, interest rates are still high, and money is hard to come by. Now is the time to prepare. In this webinar, Enkel focuses on:

  • Helping you get the right people in the right seats on your finance team
  • Helping your team members succeed by providing some tried and tested management tips
  • Getting a start on your 2024 budget and helping you think through some things that might look different next year
  • Some updates on what’s happening in the audit world and how it might impact your upcoming year-end audit
  • Some insights on fundraising and what fundraising might look like in 2024

The webinar was followed by a live Q&A. If you missed out on our live webinar session, you can watch the webinar on-demand or download the slides through the buttons below.

Heather Ballachey
About Heather Ballachey
Heather is the director of marketing here at Enkel. She has many years of experience working for technology-focused professional services firms.