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We understand that good bookkeeping is the foundation for all of your engagements. Without it, your time is spent on cleaning up books, not focusing on helping clients grow and improve. We can help.

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Fractional Controller Services

Better Bookkeeping, Better Engagements

With reliable monthly bookkeeping, you can say goodbye to year-end surprises and focus on your client engagements.


With a solid set of books you don’t have to spend time questioning or re-doing the work so you can focus on activities that drive higher revenue per hour.

Value added services
Value-added services

It’s no secret that clients want and need you to add value to their business and won’t pay you for bookkeeping.

No surprises
No surprises

When the integrity of the bookkeeping records is in question, there can be unpleasant hidden surprises for you and your client.

Happy clients
Happy clients

With monthly bookkeeping, your clients can start the year-end process stress-free, and easily find the documents you need using our cloud storage tools.

Nabeel Remtulla, CPA, CA, Lift CPA, Partner Photo
When Enkel is involved in preparing the books we are confident that their team will complete this accurately and efficiently. Their approach and delivery has made our life much easier as we have more time to focus on our strengths. Working with Enkel has allowed us to grow our practice and provide excellent results to clients. ”
-   Nabeel Remtulla, CPA, CA, Lift CPA, Partner

Simplifying your work with reliable numbers

Tech accounting expertise
Tax planning

Rest assured your clients’ books will be kept up to date throughout the year so you can understand and make decisions about shareholder loan balances, opportunities for tax minimization, and year-end dividend planning.

SR&ED & tax incentives

Many companies leave money on the table because of poor expense tracking. Our proactive approach builds a chart of accounts that captures the right information along with processes that ensure expenses are accurately coded to help your clients maximize potential benefits. 

CPA Partnership Program Bookkeeping
Year-end assurance engagements

We will make the year-end audit or review process a breeze. The PBC package will be completed by the due date and we will act as the point of contact for you during fieldwork. Our team of professionals are driven by quality work and responsiveness.  

Business planning

Clients are passionate about their businesses but need you to tell them if and how they can finance their next expansion. With bookkeeping that is up to date, you can have meaningful data-driven conversations with your clients about their options for expansion.  

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