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In 2018, Dallas Fontaine came to the realization that traditional benefits programs just weren’t cutting it for engaging employees and reducing turnover. In fact, a recent Gallup poll revealed that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work.

Driven to find a better way for organizations to acknowledge and reward employees, and ultimately reduce turnover, he developed an easy-to-use mobile, card, and web-based platform that enables employers to provide premium perks to employees via a secured Visa credit card.

Once the cards are distributed to team members, employers can easily add funds to the cards with just a few clicks. Now it’s fast and easy to reward employees for great work, birthdays, work anniversaries, bonuses, lifestyle spending accounts, and more. Employees get to choose exactly how to use their rewards and never get stuck with a gift card they’ll never use. Cards can be used in person or online – anywhere that Visa is accepted.

The Challenge

Finding a modern bookkeeping service to support his new business

Before starting the business, Dallas got some great advice from a business advisor: “Before you do anything else – develop a product or generate revenue – get a good bookkeeper. Most people wait until their books are a mess to take that step, and then they have to dig out of a deep, disorganized hole.”

Knowing that building a business would take a lot of hard work and focus, Dallas took that advice to heart and immediately started looking for bookkeeping services to support the business he wanted to build. Dallas knew he didn’t want to hire a full-time staff member, so he turned to outsourced bookkeeping services. After searching for accounting partners in Vancouver, Dallas turned to Enkel. 

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I wanted a modern approach to bookkeeping and payroll anchored in technology and efficiency and not an old-school bookkeeper that I’d have to spend valuable time finding, hiring, onboarding and managing day-to-day. Enkel was priced right and came with great references.”
-   Dallas Fontaine, Founder and CEO, The Perk Services
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The Solution

Today, Enkel manages both bookkeeping and payroll for Perk Services. Using the Karbon project management and collaboration platform, along with ReceiptBank and Quickbooks, Enkel has automated reminders and checklists when it’s time for Dallas to submit bank statements for the monthly reconciliation.

In addition to monthly bookkeeping and payroll services, Enkel provides year-end information for annual filings and supports other initiatives like the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SRED) tax incentive program.

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Entrepreneurs have so many things to do, and they need to stay focused if they’re going to be successful. Finding a trusted accounting partner like Enkel who is responsive, thorough, and accurate is invaluable to an entrepreneur trying to build a business.”
-   Dallas Fontaine, Founder and CEO, The Perk Services

The Results

According to Dallas, “Working with Enkel is really simple. I spend a small amount of time uploading documents and the team at Enkel takes it from there. I save so much time doing it this way, and never have to worry about whether or not the books are being done right or not.”

Dallas is able to stay focused on growing the core business, and not get bogged down in back-office functions. “The team at Enkel are responsive, speedy, and thorough. I’ve referred a lot of people to them.” 

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