Enkel Helps Nose Creek Physiotherapy Save Money and Gain Valuable Business Insights

Nose Creek Physiotherapy

Nose Creek Physiotherapy is a Calgary-based clinic that helps clients 30 years and older restore their mobility, strength and balance naturally, with less dependence on medication. Founded in 2001, Nose Creek has evolved from a small, 1200 square foot facility focusing on physio and massage therapy, to a 3600 square foot space with over 10 wellness practitioners offering services in Physiotherapy, Registered Massage Therapy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. The team at Nose Creek are passionate about their clients’ ability to live their best lives, free of painkillers and never ending doctor appointments.

Blair Schachterle

Blair Schachterle, is the founder of Nose Creek and has been a physiotherapist since 1992. He has a BScPT from the University of Alberta, a Sports Therapy Diploma, an Advanced Manual and Manipulative Diploma, and is certified for IMS Dry Needling. Blair also served for 6 years as the Executive Chair of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy (CAMPT). While Blair still provides therapy to a handful of clients, his interests lie more in managing, mentoring and training his staff of professionals. Blair balances his busy professional life by staying active and enjoys cycling, swimming, working out, hiking, camping and snowboarding, depending on the season.

The Challenge

Like other predominantly in-person businesses, physiotherapy and other wellness clinics were hit hard when Covid took the world by storm. Overnight, businesses found themselves struggling to stay afloat without patients and other sources of revenue. Nose Creek Physiotherapy was no exception, but moved quickly to look for ways to reduce unnecessary expenses and keep the business operating despite the challenging times.

True cost of hiring an employee
Costly Bookkeeper

After scrutinizing their expenses, Blair came to realize that his bookkeeper was costing the business a lot of money - a fee he felt was higher than it should be, especially when there was less work to do as a result of the “Covid effect”. He approached his service provider to request a rate reduction, but was unsuccessful.

Business Process OutsourcingArtboard 1
Old-School Accounting Technology and Processes

While it wasn’t obvious at the time, there were a lot of inefficiencies in the current bookkeeping and back office functions. From receipt management to reporting, Blair was mired in time-consuming workflows and not getting the insights he needed to more efficiently run and manage the business.

The Solution

A member of Clinic Accelerator, an organization that provides clinic owners with consulting and managed services to grow their businesses with confidence, Blair had heard about their partnership with Enkel. After hearing from his peers about the positive impact working with Enkel had had on their businesses, Blair decided to find out more and booked a call with the team at Enkel. After meeting with Enkel CEO Omar Visram, Blair was ready to make the change, despite concerns from his accountant that “rocking the boat” may not be the right thing to do at that time – with established systems already in place.

Affordable, reliable bookkeeping
Affordable, All-Inclusive Service

Enkel offered a comprehensive solution for bookkeeping and payroll services, at a far more affordable rate than what Blair had previously been paying. But in the end, Enkel brought more than just a lower price tag. With the Enkel services, Blair and his team received modern accounting technology tools, time-tested processes, and workflows that had been optimized specifically for businesses like his. His team at Enkel had deep specialization in both bookkeeping and payroll services, and was able to quickly onboard and train the Nose Creek team. The teams communicate and stay connected via a core accounting technology stack, holding all stakeholders accountable at all times.

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Insights and Education

While proper bookkeeping and payroll management are important business activities, using the information you get from your accounting partners to optimize the business is what’s really important. In working with Enkel, Blair has become a more informed business operator, and is now able to understand and do a deep dive into the financial details to make better decisions for himself and his team at Nose Creek. The reporting he gets from Enkel puts a spotlight on revenue and expenses, and enables him to run a leaner machine and work diligently towards better profit margins.

Blair Schachterle, Owner, Nose Creek Physiotherapy Photo
Switching Bookkeeping and Payroll providers is a lot of work but the improvements you get are well worth the effort. Being a fairly old-school, low tech person, I’ve always felt a bit intimidated by technology, but after working with Enkel, I now embrace it in every way. Not only does Enkel help to streamline all of your processes and workflows, but in the end, I save time. And time is the most valuable asset in life.”
-   Blair Schachterle, Owner, Nose Creek Physiotherapy


Following 19 years of steady growth, Covid forced Nose Creek to rethink and recalibrate their expense structure. The resulting partnership with Enkel not only provided the savings they were looking for, but came with additional benefits Blair hadn’t expected going into the engagement. Some of the more notable results Nose Creek has seen working with Enkel for just 6 months include:

  • Considerable time savings from optimizing day-to-day tasks
  • Significant cost savings from a reduction in bookkeeping fees
  • Increased efficiencies around receipt management
  • Fully digital solutions and workflows
  • Financial insights to plan for growth and margin improvement
  • Learning everyday from Enkel and gaining a better understanding of finance/accounting best practices

Schachterle’s advice for other clinic owners thinking about outsourcing their back office functions is to “call Enkel and ask them how they can streamline things for you”. His advice is not to be threatened by technology, but to embrace it.

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