Automating NiceJob's Monthly Bookkeeping

NiceJob offers a complete platform for reputation marketing, including customer review collection, website management services and marketing automation to help service companies drive sales through online reviews and get the reputation they deserve.

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Lars Kristensen is no stranger to startups.

At his 4th venture, the reputation marketing software, NiceJob, Lars is growing his bootstrapped SaaS company quickly, doubling their client base year over year.

In his role as founder and CEO, he wears many hats. The majority of his time is spent working one-on-one with team members, particularly on the product side supporting the engineering and design teams. He also spends time speaking with customers to ensure expectations are being met, and exceeded.

Unfortunately, another hat that Lars was wearing was that of their part-time accountant.

The Challenges

NiceJob Case Study Time Management
Time Management

Common amongst entrepreneurs, Lars was doing the bookkeeping himself in his evenings. He quickly realized this was not a good use of his time and that offloading it to a company that specialized in bookkeeping would be a better solution. That led him to reach out to Enkel.

NiceJob Case Study Inefficient processes
Tedious Tax Reporting

Stripe, NiceJob’s payment processing platform, doesn’t have built-in tax reports. So every month, Lars would export the data from Stripe and update a spreadsheet to create tax reports to then upload into Quickbooks Online. It was tedious and time consuming, not adjectives leaders want to describe their work.

Lars Kristensen, Founder & CEO, NiceJob Photo
My energy is best spent on building the product and growing the business. Bookkeeping simply isn’t an effective use of my time and I’m not good at it. I would dread the end of every month and one of my biggest pain points was the manual tax reports from Stripe.”
-   Lars Kristensen, Founder & CEO, NiceJob

The Solution

NiceJob Case Study – Reliable team
Customized Bookkeeping Process

NiceJob signed on with Enkel for monthly bookkeeping services. Like any new relationship, there was a ‘getting to know you’ phase at the beginning. This learning curve was quickly overcome through the onboarding process as expectations were clearly set and workflows created. Minor bumps that came up along the way were quickly addressed and from there, it was easy to adjust to their new way of bookkeeping. 

“Enkel really took the time to understand our business and craft a process that worked best for our company.”

NiceJob Case Study – Integration of tech tools
Integration of Tech Tools

One of the most impactful changes was tackling the tax exports from Stripe. Now, Enkel has direct access to Stripe and with the help of a custom built connector app, tax data is directly sent to Quickbooks Online. This means less involvement at month-end and more time for Lars to focus on growing NiceJob.

The Results

NiceJob Case Study Accurate monthly cash flow forecasting
Accurate Cash Flow Forecasting

With the monthly bookkeeping taken care of, no monthly report is more essential to NiceJob than the cash flow statement. As a growing startup, the accuracy and reliability of the reports allow them to maintain their runway and adjust their forecasts as necessary.

NiceJob Case Study Hands off year end reporting
Hands-off year-end and SR&ED Reporting

What was once a heavily involved process is now a breeze for Lars as Enkel liaises directly with NiceJob’s SR&ED consultant and year-end tax accountant for annual filings.

NiceJob Case Study Payroll T4 Review
Year-end Payroll T4 Reviews

Managing payroll through Quickbooks Online, NiceJob found an error with T4 slips in a previous year. Now they have Enkel’s payroll specialists review the T4s before they’re issued to employees to ensure error-free statement delivery.

Lars Kristensen, Founder & CEO, NiceJob Photo
Responsive, reliable, and friendly. Those are the three words I’d use to describe my experience with Enkel. I’ve always been able to get in touch with the right people right away and everything is delivered as expected, month after month. ”
-   Lars Kristensen, Founder & CEO, NiceJob

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