Bookkeeping & Accounting Services For Calgary Businesses

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Enkel helped me improve efficiency and reduce cost in our accounting department by more than half! The team keeps a close eye on our books and gives me up-to-date financial statements. They’ve helped us to modernize our accounting department, save money, and make smarter, more cost-effective business decisions.”
-   Matt Dion, CEO, Mintent

Our Services

Monthly Bookkeeping

We’ll take your box of receipts and concise them into useful financial information! We provide monthly reconciliations and financial statements that help you make better business decisions.

Payroll Management

From payroll processing to issuing of T4s, we handle all aspects of payroll. Let us give you peace of mind that your employees are paid accurately and on time.

Accounts Payable

With our automated payables workflow, we will help you keep track of your invoice, stay on top of your payables listing and make secure payments for your outstanding invoices.

Accounts Receivable

Send us your sales data and we’ll ensure your invoices are sent out promptly. We’ll also stay on top of your receivables listing to ensure your cash flow is predictable.

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A Simpler Solution

At Enkel, we understand that the small business owners and medium sized businesses in Calgary need a reliable accounting and bookkeeping service to grow their business. Working with Enkel gives you access to our full-service bookkeeping and accounting team that will work with you to determine your business needs, and administer efficiencies for improvements.

We provide business owners across North America with a simplified way of doing their books and managing their back office. With automation tools and online accounting software, we reduce the time and labour required for manual data entry while ensuring the data is accurate and reliable. We also have a team of experienced bookkeepers and professional accountants helping our clients to manage their books and provide additional support throughout the year.

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We increase workflow efficiencies through our automation tools and cloud-based workflows. As a cloud-based firm, we offer businesses the ability to automate most of their data entry tasks, gain greater visibility over their finances, and gain virtual access to their financial information.


We have a team of experienced bookkeepers and professional accountants managing the books for Calgary businesses. With their experience and expertise, we can provide timely and accurate financial reports every month and help our clients through specific accounting issues that arise throughout the year.


We meet the needs of our clients’ growing businesses through our scalable processes and reliable systems. With our managed solutions, business owners will no longer have to deal with hiring and staff turnovers, and focus their efforts on scaling their business.

Our Bookkeeping Process

Transaction Documents

All we need are copies of your receipts and invoices and you can leave the rest up to us! We welcome digital copies by either email, phone, or scanner.

Your Bookkeeping Team

We will follow up on outstanding transactions and ask for clarifications if and when necessary, to ensure your books are up-to-date. Our team is here to do the work for you!


After clarifying your unknown transactions, we will perform your bank and credit card reconcilitations and wrap up your bookkeeping for the month.

Financial Statements

Receive custom financial reports each month so you can better understand your business’s performance. Our goal is to assist you to make more well-informed business decisions.

Bookkeeping tips for growing a scalable business

We created the ‘Bookkeeping Tips for Growing a Scalable Business’ eBook to share useful tips on how to streamline your bookkeeping process for success. 

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