Why You Should Go To The Capacity Conference 2019

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Why You Should Go To The Capacity Conference 2019

This May, we are delighted to be supporting the Capacity Conference, organized by Keela, on May 27th 2019!

Taking place for the 2nd time in a row, last year’s conference brought together 175 BC-Based Non-Profit Organizations ("NPO") together in a shared space to develop their skills and grow their network. Last year, we had the opportunity to co-sponsor the conference with our friends at Plooto and this year, we are proud to be the platinum sponsor of the Capacity Conference!

Enkel has always been a keen supporter of the Canadian Non-Profit industry since our inception. Through our experience working with organizations in the Non-Profit sector, we understand how the stringent requirements faced by these organizations creates challenges in financial management. Therefore, we aim to support NPO executive directors and board members with reliable financial reporting and tracking, allowing them to make better decisions for the organization’s future and focus on carrying out their mission. We believe that the Capacity Conference will be a great way for us to empower and support the local Non-Profit industry, and we are thankful for our friends at Keela for allowing us to do so!

Apart from the conference, Keela is a CRM tool that allows NPOs to keep track of their donor relationships, collect donations, management email campaigns and projects on a single platform. These technology solutions used to be accessible only to organizations with huge fundings but Keela is democratizing these solutions to the Non-Profit industry as a whole to help them achieve greater impact. We are proud supporters of Keela, and have worked closely with their team on a number of initiatives designed to help and support NPOs throughout Canada.

Building Capacity in an Affordable Manner

Apart from access to technology, Keela is also providing the Non-Profit industry access to professional development through the Capacity Conference. Unlike many conferences, the Capacity Conference aims to build capacity for the industry at an affordable rate. For a day-long conference, Capacity Conference tickets are available to attendees at $45 each, including a meal, coffee and snacks.

For NPOs working with limited resources, finding a budget for professional development might be hard. Thankfully, the Capacity Conference is priced at a rate that allows learning to be accessible to every NPO.

Building Capacity through Actionable Content

This year’s conference will be focusing on actionable content. The conference will be split up into two tracks - Beginner & Intermediate - allowing attendees to learn from seasoned non-profit professionals and pick up new skills regardless of their level of knowledge. The topics for the conference will range from corporate partnerships to landing page conversions to data-driven decision making. The presentations will also include case studies, examples and walk-throughs to ensure attendees are able to learn about concepts on a deeper level.

Building Capacity by Connecting the Community

Capacity building can happen in more ways than one. Apart from the presentations, attendees can also use the Capacity Conference as a valuable opportunity to connect with other stakeholders in the Non-Profit community. The conference will be a safe space for people within the non-profit community to exchange ideas, build partnerships, and learn from each other.

If you’re part of an NPO or a board member of an organization, we would highly recommend attending the Capacity Conference to learn and grow together with other organizations in the space. Use the discount code ‘ENKELNPO’ at the Capacity Conference checkout page and save $10 off your ticket!

We will be boothing at the conference so don’t forget to drop by our booth, get some cool freebies and receive free tips on how you can improve your organization’s bookkeeping process!

Capacity Conference 2019
Date: 27 May 2019, Monday
Time: 8:00am - 5:30pm
Location: UBC Robson
800 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 3B7

At Enkel, we specialize in bookkeeping services for non-profit organizations by streamlining the process through the use of cloud-based technology and a dedicated team of finance professionals. Contact us today to learn more and we'll see you at the Capacity Conference!

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