November has been busy at the Enkel offices. With a number of partnership articles, blog posts, and team building exercises, we’ve been able to reflect on our organization’s mission, and how we can continue to be the most trusted, customer-centric, back-office services provider in Canada. Here’s what we’ve been up to this month:

‘Finding Your Niche Can Help Your Business Find It’s Groove’ by Tsheets

We are always excited to work with our app partners on co-branding initiatives. This month, we had the opportunity to partner with Tsheets and their amazing writer, Dottie Chong, to share our story of how we found our brewery niche and how focusing on a niche has helped Enkel to provide an extensive solution that meets the specific needs of growing breweries.

Tsheets is a time tracking and employee scheduling app that helps small businesses better track and manage their employee’s schedules. Instead of relying on a timesheet for time tracking, employees can easily clock in and out through Tsheet’s time tracking software on their mobile phones. Tsheets also integrates smoothly with QuickBooks online/desktop, Xero, Sage and more. Through Tsheets, employers can gain valuable real-time insight and predict time needs for job costing, plan for payroll and increase profitability. We would like to thank the team at Tsheets for giving us the opportunity to share our experiences with the community!

‘An Email To My Younger Self…’ by Omar Visram

In the midst of our daily hustle and bustle, reflecting on the past is a great way to remind us of our simple and humble beginnings and realign our perspectives with the big picture. This month, our founder and CEO, Omar Visram, wrote an article about what he would tell his younger self after completing his CPA in 2010.

“Have you ever wished you knew what you know today, many years ago? Recently, I’ve been reflecting on my early years as a young accountant. It has been a few years now and it seems that I only have fond memories now. The scrapes and bruises have healed and I could not be any more thankful for the experience.”

Small Business BC Awards

As mentioned in a previous blog post, Small Business BC (SBBC) hosts an annual awards ceremony focused on recognizing the outstanding achievements and contributions of BC’s entrepreneurs and businesses. This year, we were nominated for the SBBC’s Best Innovation award, an award that recognizes the development and utilization of advanced or innovative technologies to meet the needs of small businesses. Enkel is a 100% cloud-based firm focused on using technology to streamline the financial processes of small businesses across North America. Advanced and innovative technology is a fundamental pillar of Enkel’s business model. We have a technology team dedicated to the research, implementation, and customization of applications that will improve various aspects of the bookkeeping process. We are proud to have been recognized for this award, and hope that you can help us get to the Top 10 Best Innovation Award Semi-Finals!

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas… at Enkel!

Yes, we know it’s not December yet but we couldn’t help ourselves but get started with the Christmas festivities at the office. Last Friday, our team took a short breather from our desks to set up the Enkel Christmas tree and decorate the rest of the office. With the fireplace up on our TV screen and some Bing Crosby Christmas tunes in the background, our office was filled with warmth and team spirit that afternoon.

New Hires!

We are ecstatic to be welcoming a new assistant controller to the Enkel team! As we continue to grow, we are always on the lookout for great talent to join our team. To learn more about our job openings, please visit our Careers Page to view a list of our current job openings.

At Enkel, we specialize in back office services such as bookkeeping, payroll concierge, and process outsourcing for small-medium businesses and nonprofit organizations. With a focus on cloud technology, our team of professional accountants and bookkeepers can help to streamline your bookkeeping process. That way, our clients can focus their time on growing their business while we ensure their books are up-to-date. Whether your organization is located in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto or anywhere else in Canada, we’ve got your back-office needs covered. Contact us today to learn more!

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